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There’s a woman simulating oral sex in the background of Guile’s SFV stage. Which is weird.


I’ll just come right out and say it: there’s a woman semi-regularly doing a rather lewd motion in the background of Guile’s Air Force Base stage in Street Fighter V as part of her animation loop. And that’s a bit strange. Whether she happens to think everyone involved in the fight is a wanker or just has the world’s least appropriate way of waving to her friend off-screen is up for debate, but it’s there nonetheless.

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This isn’t a joke, it’s actually in there, spotted and pointed out by Twitter user Tatsu the Wicked:

Look, I’m a bit sick of Nash winning every big tournament too, but this seems a bit overboard. Plus, based on the uniform she’s an officer – not very professional workplace conduct. I know you live in a universe where men can teleport and sometimes when they get angry their hair starts floating, but that’s no excuse for going around insulting men trying to do their jobs.

Jobs of kicking each other to death with energy legs.

It’s an especially interesting choice from the folks who decided a butt-slap and leg-split were a bit too much. Debate will rage if it’s a misunderstanding from the audience – who, I feel I should stress, is not limited to just me, at least based on the number of RTs and favs you see above – or one animation coder’s attempt at a joke.

Still, better than the lads in the background of that one King of Fighters 13 stage who eat noodles at an ever-increasing rate as your health bar decreases, to the point where they’re swallowing about a bowl every half-second by the end. Too many carbs, they’ll never make it to the foreground.