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The Sinking City meets Dishonored in new Lovecraftian horror game

Prepare for unfathomable monsters from the deep and fear for your limited sanity, left alone to face the horrors – wait, he has a gun?

Stygian Outer Gods Banner

Announced yesterday during Steam’s Lovecraftian Days event, Stygian: Outer Gods looks to be taking the Lovecraftian mythos very seriously, dropping players into the heart of the storm with only a single gun to protect them from the Eldritch monsters that await.

Shipwrecked amongst the dark and stormy Kingsport, you’ll play as a mercenary protecting a young girl, attempting to maintain your sanity while increasingly unfathomable events occur around you. The classic imagery of Lovecraft is all around the trailer, from the oncoming storms and solitary lighthouse to the ancient runes encountered at the end. The narration over the trailer describing  ‘the dark universe yawning’ is directly lifted from Lovecraft’s Nemesis, emphasising that Misterial Games have done their research for this horror game adventure.

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Despite seeming like a brand new franchise, Stygian: Outer Gods is a sequel to Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, a tactical RPG game released in 2019. The reason for the drastic shift in gameplay style isn’t known, but is likely inspired by the first-person perspective making the player feel ever more vulnerable to insanity and the Old Gods themselves.

The small snippet of gameplay at the trailer’s close suggests that the game’s first-person-shooter mechanics may work somewhat like Dishonored, letting the player use different items in each hand, such as the shown gun and lamp combination. We’ll have to wait for more than just a teaser trailer for further gameplay gameplay, but Stygian: Outer Gods already looks to have nailed the Lovecraftian atmosphere.

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