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New Subnautica sequel may release earlier than you think

Christmas comes early as Unknown Worlds Entertainment hints at a release for long-awaited sub-aquatic survival game sequel, Subnautica 3.

Subnautica 3 early access: A person with grey braided hair and an elderly appearance stares ahead, their eyes brown and black face paint streaks on one side of their head

Subnautica 3 news is always something to look forward to, and we may just have some as Unknown Worlds Entertainment reveals that we’ll be getting more information about the sub-aquatic survival universe’s next project very soon. We could get our hands on the series’ upcoming entry before we can scream Leviathan, it seems, since the developer also hints toward an early access release of the game now.

If you’re a fan of Unknown Worlds’ first two survival games, then you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting news of Subnautica 3. We’ve had literal years with the game and its subsequent sequel, and the developer is no stranger to our anticipation for a third Subnautica. In its latest social media post, Unknown Worlds feeds us hungry, hungry fish some very good news that’s sure to have you swimming amid an ocean of your own happy tears.

The developer first says that our excitement for its upcoming Subnautica entry “has been infectious.” While the team isn’t yet ready to bring its full details surrounding the mysterious game’s launch to the “surface,” so to speak, it does reveal that more details regarding a possible early access version of the new Subnautica are coming in 2024. This means that the third game in Unknown World’s immersive universe may take a leaf out of its two predecessors’ books and first drop in an early access state.

Subnautica 3 early access tweet from developer confirming that news of a 2024 launch is coming

As we previously detailed in our Subnautica 3 guide, this isn’t the first news we’ve heard of Unknown Worlds’ upcoming project. A presentation from PUBG publisher Krafton revealed that the third deep-sea survival game would arrive sometime in the first half of 2025. While this could very well still be the date that Unknown Worlds is aiming for, its post regarding an early access release may mean we get to play sooner.

The original Subnautica was an early-access game on Steam for about three years, while its sequel launched out of early access after just two years. Considering the first game’s 10/10 rating on Valve’s platform and Subnautica 2’s own 9/10, I’m thrilled to see where Unknown Worlds takes us in its upcoming entry. I’d love to see some sort of multiplayer mode, or maybe even more time outside of the water. Perhaps we’ll see the story expand further into space, too.

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