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Suicide Squad’s new Captain Boomerang trailer is low on boomerangs

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, from Rocksteady, has a new Captain Boomerang trailer, but it's surprisingly short on boomerangs.

A man in a blue hat and a jacket, facing the floor.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League League’s latest character video shines a light on antipodean villain and co-protagonist Captain Boomerang. But this new trailer for the subservsive superhero sim, from Batman Arkham series dev Rocksteady, is disappointingly short on actual boomerangs.

Anti-superhero game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League arrives early next year and publisher Warner Bros Games has released a trailer showcasing the third of the game’s playable villains.

Captain Boomerang is the focus of this new video. This sweary, hard-drinking Australian is, as with previous videos, introduced by Suicide Squad commander and professional head-exploder Amanda Waller.

There’s no denying that he kicks some serious behind in the trailer. Like Harley Quinn and Deadshot, he’s not a meta-human, he’s just highly-skilled. “What I do takes a real dedication to technique,” he explains in issue 2 of DC’s Man-Bat comic.

But there’s a disappointing lack of boomerangs and it’s really bothering me. Granted, the trailer is all of 44 seconds long, but most of the time he’s just blasting Brainiac-controlled enemies in the face. He throws one Krull-style boomerang and that’s it. Come on, Rocksteady Studios, it’s literally in the name. And his comic counterpart is proud of his admittedly slightly silly gimmick.

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There’s something embarrassing about a character whose trademark talent is dialled back to a secondary skill. The game is a good couple of months away and I’m having second thoughts about playing as him.

Even with guns, King Shark is still the powerhouse you’d expect him to be. Harley Quinn is the frenzied over-the-top menace she’s always been and guns are Deadshot’s whole thing. But Captain Boomerang barely using his boomerang? Is it too late to get him swapped out for Condiment King?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League releases Friday February 2nd. Here’s hoping the full game does more for Captain Boomerang than the trailer.

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