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Suicide Squad has thousands fewer Steam players than The Division 2

A gamer on social media has pointed out Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League can't even compete with the years-old The Division 2.

Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Things are going from bad to worse for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. On February 22, 2024, the live-service game starring DC’s rag-tag villains Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang had roughly a quarter of The Division 2’s concurrent players on Steam Charts.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has been bleeding players since peaking at 13,459 shortly after release. When comparing active Steam sessions, the superhero game has even fallen short of the Batman Arkham series at times. Now, it’s failing to compete with The Division 2, which was released in 2019.

It isn’t a short-lived dip, either. When looking at the comparison data, you can see that The Division 2 didn’t just get lucky against a brand-new AAA game, it consistently outperformed the lackluster competition over the 48 hours of February 20–22.

Steam Charts showing The Division 2 versus Suicide Squad

On X, (formerly known as Twitter) ethangach was the first to report the surprisingly large discrepancy, writing “Suicide Squad has a quarter of the Steam concurrents that The Division 2 has.”

When PCGamesN looked at the most recent available data on Steam at the time of writing, Suicide Squad’s last reported figure was 817 people playing the standard edition on PC, while The Division 2 logged 3,574. We’re not mathematicians, but you don’t have to be to figure out that the “quarter” claim is true enough — in fact, it’s less than a quarter in this snapshot.

Steam Charts showing The Division 2 versus Suicide Squad

While The Division 2 is no slouch, with a modest but dedicated player base loyal to the open-world shooter, it makes for a telling point of comparison: the Tom Clancy title is several years older, wasn’t a massive hit to begin with, and is up against a game from a pop culture giant.

Fans followed DC’s live-action shooter through years of development hell before it was released to a middling reception in January 2024. The spot-on Harley characterization and impressive narrative work weren’t enough to tamp down mediocre gameplay and common live-service woes, as stated in our Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League review.

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DC’s chaotic and comedic offering may be able to lure players back in with big expansions or similar tactics, but it looks unlikely at this stage it will ever recover the swaths of players who dumped it. Miracles can happen — but they don’t, usually.

Recent patches that caused as many issues as they fixed for some people have further hindered Suicide Squad’s chances, with it failing to compete with other high-quality action-adventure games on offer right now. There are plenty of other great multiplayer games like Helldivers 2 stealing eyeballs, so we’d recommend giving those a try if you’ve finished up Amanda Waller’s mission.

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