Suicide Squad game story leaks are fake suggests ex Rocksteady dev

Leaks regarding Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, from Batman Arkham series creator Rocksteady, may not be real, as one former developer offers a response

Suicide Squad game leaks are fake suggests ex Rocksteady dev. Harley Quinn, in new DC superhero game Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

The recent Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League leaks include an image of the game’s menus and alleged battle bass options, as well as details regarding the superhero game‘s story. The accuracy of these leaks, however, is unclear, as one developer, who previously worked at Rocksteady on the new Suicide Squad game itself, comments on details regarding the game’s plot, suggesting they are fake.

A supposed leaked image appears to show a Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League game lobby, with four players taking the roles of King Shark, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang respectively. A menu at the top of the screen lists options for “battle pass” and “store,” seemingly suggesting that the co-op game will include seasonal and purchasable additional content.

Originating on the image board 4Chan, the apparent Suicide Squad game leak also shows various in-game currencies, potentially used to upgrade your characters, equipment, and weapons. The accuracy of this image is uncertain, but other, recent Suicide Squad leaks, regarding the game’s story, have been commented on directly by a former Rocksteady developer, who suggests they may be false.

A Twitter thread, posted by user ‘TheBatFamily,’ offers a summary of recently leaked information regarding the story and structure for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. “I would never work on a game this bad,” Walker replies, suggesting that the leaked information regarding the game’s plot may be inaccurate. PCGamesN has asked Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, publisher of the new Suicide Squad game, for comment, and will update this story with any further information.

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