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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League has less than 1,000 players

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League, from Rocksteady Studios, is struggling to maintain its player count on Steam despite good reviews.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League hasn’t quite been the return to open-world superhero form that fans of Rocksteady Studios, the creator of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arham Knight, were hoping for. Though it’s only been out for two weeks – and despite positive reviews from players – the latest game set in the DC comics universe is struggling to maintain a healthy player count. Earlier today, in fact, it dipped below 1,000 concurrent players.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League brings the Suicide Squad, a quartet of anti-heroes, into an open-world game set in Metropolis. Like Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy, it’s a story-focused exploration of DC’s superhero fiction, but, unlike the Arkham games, it’s been dinged for repetitive mission design and combat as well as live-service elements that seem to hinder instead of help the game’s concept succeed.

Perhaps because of these reasons – or simply because the game’s audience has finished up the story mode and moved on – Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League’s Steam player count dropped to just 945 players at 3:30 am PST/6:30 am EST /11:30 am GMT today, Friday February 16. It’s since jumped back up to 1,525 players in-game at the time of writing (9:20 am PST/12:20 pm EST).

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League dropping player count: Text showing Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League's Steam player count dipping below 1,000 players.

While our Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League review wasn’t too hot on the game, it’s worth noting that players have found aspects worth praising. The game has held onto the ‘Very Positive’ Steam user review marker we noted last week, with more positive ratings being consistently added.

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