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Can you play Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League offline?

Killing the Justice League by yourself seems like a tall task. This guide details whether or not you can in Rocksteady’s latest.

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How does single-player work in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League? As is the norm with looter-shooter games this past decade, many people wonder whether or not you can play alone or offline ahead of the game’s release, as they’re typically meant to be played with friends. However, this is a sub-genre infamous for fluctuations in both quality and long-term appeal, leading to many games – such as Anthem and Marvel’s Avengers – being shut down sometime after tumultuous launches. This left those that purchased such games unable to play.

These questions and more surround Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. If you’re thinking about beating up Batman and Superman on PC, we have the answer as to whether or not your PC can run the game in our Kill the Justice League PC requirements overview. Otherwise, read on to find out about single-player and offline modes available.

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Can you play Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League offline?

As of right now, no – you cannot play Suicide Squad offline. You can launch the game in online mode and switch your Steam settings to offline, but you need a connection to launch the game.

This may turn some people off the game entirely, as during the early access launch window already bugs have taken the game offline. However, Rocksteady confirmed in the Suicide Squad official FAQ that an offline mode is planned sometime in 2024. There are no further details at this time, including a more specific release time. As of right now, the co-op can only be played online.

This is great news for early adopters of the game as Suicide Squad picks up the story of the Batman: Arkham series five years later, and if the game ever does go permanently offline for whatever reason, you’ll be able to still experience the entire narrative.

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Can you play Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League single-player?

Yes, playing single-player through the entire adventure is possible in Suicide Squad. According to the official website’s FAQ, you can play solo or with up to four players cooperatively.

As there’s four playable characters – Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark – you may be wondering if you can swap between them at any time while playing solo. Outside of combat, you can do so; furthermore, you can play the entire game as one character if you so choose. Given how the game is structured around each of these characters’ abilities, it’s recommended to play with a friend or two if you have the option.

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