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Suicide Squad’s 10x player count jump can’t save Season 1

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League may have had a massive spike on Steam for Season 1, but this doesn't look like enough to save it.

Suicide Squad Season 1 Joker

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Season 1 is finally here, and even as it’s given Rocksteady’s live service superhero game a big spike in players, it looks like this isn’t nearly enough to save the dwindling player base. While the Steam player count saw a brief spike of up to ten times more players than the current average, the arrival of the Joker has been met with crickets, and not the raucous laughter anyone was hoping for.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League has been struggling since launch, and with the launch of Season 1 and the new playable Joker giving it a bit of a boost, returning players have still been met with a sparse and uninviting season of content. The superhero game has been struggling to crack a few hundred players on Steam for weeks now, and while Season 1 saw a vertical spike of just over 3,000, this has very quickly dropped again.

One seasonal patch was never going to outright fix Suicide Squad’s grindy and repetitive activities, but the actual launch has caught the ire of players because of how it actively goes against what everyone was expecting.

Suicide Squad Season 1 Joker

To start, you need to grind a new free battle pass to level 35 to actually unlock the Joker. There are three new Incursions to help you do this, but players have essentially been given a surprise grind to fulfill to unlock Joker. Well, you can spend hours doing that, or just spend $10 to unlock him instantly instead.

Players aren’t too pleased with grinding through the new incursions, with Rocksteady saying at the launch of this new content that as you “take the fight to Brainiac this Episode, you’ll encounter some new Incursions! These Incursions have just one objective: kill some bad guys, but each of the three will feature a different group of enemies to fight!”

There’s also barely any new story content so far this season, and while I’m sure Rocksteady plans on drip-feeding what’s on offer, it’s come across as incredibly lacking for a lot of people.

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