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Ex Stardew Valley dev unveils new city-based life sim game on Steam

Sunkissed City is a new Stardew Valley style life sim game from an ex ConcernedApe dev coming to Steam in late 2024, featuring online co-op.

Sunkissed City is a new Steam game from a former Stardew Valley dev set in a bustling metropolis - A purple-haired woman stands before a coastal town as people mill about.

Former Stardew Valley developer Arthur Lee, known best as ‘Mr Podunkian,’ finally reveals the name of his upcoming city-based life sim game as it comes to Steam ahead of a planned launch in late 2024. Lee, who previously worked on the beloved, 98% Steam rated farming sim at developer ConcernedApe, has been teasing out details of his next project for quite some time via social media, but now confirms that Sunkissed City is planned to arrive in late 2024 as he unveils the game’s Steam page.

The Stardew Valley comparisons are immediate and obvious, but Sunkissed City reimagines the format by bringing the tried and tested life game setup to the big city. You’re starting out a new life in the seaside metropolis of Apollo City, a place “pumping with funky vibes and quirky characters.”

As with Stardew’s nefarious Joja corporation, you’ll be dealing with a similar monolithic conglomerate here, although in Sunkissed City you start out on the other side of things. You arrive in Apollo City as a new hire for the Pico corporation, working on their new ‘Peco Pioneer’ program, all about pushing new eco-friendly initiatives and bolstering its community relationships.

Things in Apollo City are certainly troubled, however: “The local wildlife has begun to behave more aggressively, the waters are devoid of life, monsters are pouring out from the sewers, and that’s not to mention the constant migraines everyone’s been having lately.” It’ll be up to you, naturally, to discover the root causes afflicting the city and return it to its vibrant self.

Sunkissed City - A player grows crops on a plot of land set off by a roadside.

If you’re worried that there might not be enough of a farming game mechanics here to fulfill your Stardew needs, don’t fear. You’ll be able to do plenty of crop growing and harvesting thanks to DIY gardens set up by a group of local ‘plant-punks,’ and there’s nearby hiking routes and fishing spots where you can get up to all manner of relaxing foraging and so on. Expect plenty of socializing, too, and maybe even a spot of romance if you’re looking for it.

Sunkissed City is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2024 on Steam. The game’s Steam store page is now live, so you can head there right away to add it to your wishlist and keep track of its progress.

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