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Genshin Impact and Stardew Valley collide in new anime farming sim

Take the anime feel of Genshin Impact and combine it with the farming and social experience of Stardew Valley; that's this new Steam game.

A pink haired character wearing a green jumper pulls a wooden sword out of a brown sheath in a dark cave surrounded by glowing likes, a red cat-like drone robot floating next to them

If there’s one thing I love about HoYoverse’s games, it’s their aesthetic. While Honkai Star Rail is my preference over Genshin Impact, I can’t deny that the sprawling, emerald plains of Teyvat certainly have an allure to them. But what if you took that bold anime aesthetic, and combined it with the base mechanics of the ever-popular Stardew Valley? No more Hilichurls, no more Spiral Abyss runs: just pure, ol’ fashioned farming – that’s what SunnySide is all about.

After being rescued from a cave-in by a mysterious robotic companion named Sparky, you’ve been set on a quest to help them learn about humanity. While in some videogames that journey includes a lot of hacking and slashing, SunnySide is much more serene, trading out swords and shields for hoses and herbs.

Set in the titular SunnySide, you and Sparky are tasked with managing a functioning homestead, which very much feels akin to other farming games and, of course, Stardew Valley. Grow crops, socialize, and even fall in love – in this quiet Japanese hamlet, life is but a dream.

However, there’s a twist. If you do choose to help Sparky recover their memories, the road won’t always be so easy. Exploring caves will lead to combat encounters akin to those in all the best turn based RPGs, but instead of firing off shots and hacking your enemies to pieces, you use a series of different cards to subdue them instead.

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As someone who plays competitive League of Legends and spends most of her time shouting down the mic, I’m not someone that’s known for playing chill, relaxing games. SunnySide, however, has my attention because it’s got a little bit of combat, a little bit of crafting, and a little bit of social experimentation. It’s an odd combination all wrapped into one, and I’m quite excited to see what it looks like in practice.

And you can do that right now, as SunnySide has a demo on Steam. Additionally, RainyGames has also confirmed that the SunnySide release date is set for Sunday, May 26. So, if you enjoy the demo, make sure to add it to your wishlist.

In the meantime, though, we have a rundown of all the best management games if you prefer social politics and nurturing plants to popping heads and taking names. Or, if you’ve already completed all of that shiny new Stardew content and are looking for something similar, we have a list of games like Stardew Valley.

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