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Diablo 4 meets Skyrim in new open-world Steam RPG

If you've ever wondered what Skyrim would look like with the top-down hack-and-slash combat of Diablo 4, then this new Steam RPG is for you.

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The vast emerald expanses of Bethesda’s fantasy epic, Skyrim, mixed with the top-down ARPG-style combat of Blizzard’s demon-infested Diablo 4 – sounds like perfection, am I right? Enter new Steam RPG, Svarog’s Dream, created by a husband and wife team, releasing today.

In Svarog’s Dream, you play as a soul from the Underworld, cast back into the land of the living and tasked with discovering who you are. Your journey of self-discovery is fraught with unknown dangers, however, as everything from wild beasts to full-scale gods stalk the plains of this open-world game – but whether you choose to fight them or befriend them is entirely up to you.

Capturing the high fantasy essence of Bethesda’s Skyrim, fused with the top-down ARPG combat of Diablo, Svarog’s Dream is just that – a dream. For those of you who shy away from the over-the-top gore and violence of Diablo 4, Svarog’s Dream is comparatively PG – which may be a plus if you’re sick and tired of the nightmares.

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It does, however, borrow Diablo’s iconic health and mana orbs, and let you tailor your character’s playstyle with a Diablo 4-style skill tree, where you can drop points into different spells.

But, unlike Diablo, where you hack your way through hordes of demons, you can also choose to ally yourself with myriad different creatures. It’ll be up to you to determine if you trust them, and face the consequences if you make the wrong choice. That’s where there’s a little injection of Skyrim again and, for me, this feature alone is what makes the game sound so exciting.

Pretty much everyone in Diablo has their own agenda – and oftentimes it doesn’t align with yours. While there are some random acts of kindness in Sanctuary, Blizzard’s demon-infested world is supposed to be inhospitable – which, for me, is why I love it. But, I also love tossing a coin and seeing if my gambles pay off, which is why Svarog’s Dream has me so intrigued.

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Svarog’s Dream releases today (Monday, December 4) on Steam. You can pick it up for $17.85 / £15.29 at 15% off. Otherwise, if you purchase after Monday, December 11, you’ll be paying $21 / £17.99

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