Watch 10 minutes of Sword Coast Legends and awful “Scottish” Dwarf banter

Sword Coast Legends video

Sword Coast Legends is an isometric, party-based RPG, and the fact that this is no longer an anomaly fills me with a bubbly kind of joy. Even though the isometric RPG is having a bit of a comeback, Sword Coast Legends is still worthy of note, even if it’s just for the team’s goal: to answer the question, “What would the Baldur’s Gate series have become?”

The ten minute gameplay video below might go some way to answering that.

A few obvious differences between Baldur’s Gate and Sword Coast Legends make themselves obvious in the video, namely the 3D camera and MMO style cooldowns for abilities. The former is going to make battles a lot easier to parse, visually, but the latter might end up being a point of contention for D&D purists.

This first video just shows off the single-player mode, but there’s also an exciting Dungeon Master multiplayer mode that the devs will be unveiling in the next part of the video series. And hopefully they will have replaced whoever is attempting – and failing – to put on a Scottish accent by then.

Seriously, guys, I know there are less than 6 million of us in Scotland, but there’s also the diaspora, and countless voice actors who can do accents. I’ll just put this out there — I’m not so proud that I wouldn’t sell my services as a man with a vaguely Scottish accent. Hell, I’ll even play it up with some brogue. It’s something to consider.