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One of 2023’s most overlooked games just got a massive free update

Night Dive Studios' System Shock remake has just received a colossal new patch and it might just shake up how you play the entire game.

One of 2023's most overlooked games just got a massive free update: Shodan from the System Shock remake looks down at the player character, blue lines streak out of her head as the hologram hangs in front of banks of computers.

It’s always the way, isn’t it? You’re minding your own business having fun on your computer, then suddenly in come the cyberpunk corporate cops to kick down your door and whisk you away to an immersive sim nightmare on a space station. That’s exactly what happens to you in Night Dive Studios’ System Shock remake, a game about a bad day that only gets worse for your hacker protagonist. Now, this reimagining of the legendary 1994 original has received a huge free patch that adds options for a female player character, overhauls the last boss fight, and more.

Released last year, the System Shock remake is a largely faithful reimagining of the classic immersive sim FPS game, with a few changes to make it easier to play in the modern era. Depending on your tolerance to game design decisions of years past this meant that you could either bounce off the remake, or welcome it as a throwback to a less polished but potentially more adventurous age of gaming. Since launch, developer Night Dive Studios hasn’t stood still, and the colossal 1.2 patch for the game has just launched.

The biggest new update included will require you to start a brand new game as it adds the option to choose your gender when beginning your adventure. While this will have limited impact on the game as you rarely see or hear from yourself, it does mean you’ll have a completely new model and new voiceover grunts for when you inevitably get hammered in the head by a wandering mutant. That said, this is an immersive sim, so adding more options for immersion is extremely welcome.

A screenshot from the new final boss fight from the System Shock remake, the player character holds a futuristic gun in a TRON-esque wireframe world that's a riot of color.

The other big change regards the end fight against Shodan, the AI who’s gone rampant and taken over Citadel Station. The original fight was a bit of a damp squib, being little more than killing a few enemies and pressing a button to end the game. Now, there’s waves of foes, death lasers to dodge, new weapons to shoot in a greatly improved and more involved boss fight that more fittingly caps off your cyberspace experience.

There’s a load of other fixes and updates thrown into the pot too, from new enemy attacks to improved gamepad support, animation improvements, AI refinements, and more. They’ve even put in quest markers for the easy mission difficulty setting, something very welcome as the setting always said it had mission waypoints. Turns out they were never there, but they are now.

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If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start your cyberpunk nightmare, you can grab the System Shock remake for $17.99 with 55% off over on Steam until Thursday, April 25.

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