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Skyrim style Steam RPG gets huge update with 20 hours of new material

As we wait on The Elder Scrolls 6, one overlooked Steam RPG, inspired by Skyrim, has a gigantic update adding 20 hours of new material.

Tainted Grail Steam RPG: A huge monster from Steam RPG Tainted Grail

The Elder Scrolls 6 does exist. We’ve seen that little teaser. Bethesda has confirmed it’s in the works. Once the Starfield DLC is out of the way, presumably, it will be the studio’s primary focus. But in the meantime, one overlooked first-person RPG has just gotten a gigantic new update that adds extra quests, characters, weapons, and more. Directly inspired by Skyrim itself, if you’ve never played this one before, and you need something to fill the space before ES6, now is the perfect time.

Welcome to Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, a sprawling fantasy RPG based around Arthurian legends. If you’ve played Skyrim to death and want a solid alternative, it certainly hits all the marks. You can create your own class, explore the world at your leisure, use magic, swords, and shields to battle monsters in first-person combat, and complete myriad quests that spark diverging storylines and multiple endings. Throughout its lifetime, Tainted Grail has accumulated a ‘very positive’ Steam rating based on more than 2,300 reviews. Now, it’s just gotten its biggest update ever.

The Cuanacht Rebellion update adds an entirely new region to Tainted Grail, complete with its own side quests and a seriously challenging twist on combat. By day, the monsters in the new Cuanacht region represent standard mobs, but when night falls, they become tougher and bigger, and take a lot more strategy and nouse to bring down.

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If you find yourself trapped outdoors when darkness comes, you can build a fireplace to keep yourself safe from the hordes, but the supercharged enemies also drop unique items that you can use to upgrade your character and weapons.

The entire game has a substantial visual overhaul, and both the melee combat and magic systems have been significantly improved and rebalanced. There’s a new perks and stats scheme, and the difficulty has been readdressed so that Tainted Grail feels suitably challenging right from the start.

In short, this feels less like an update and more like a relaunch of the entire game. If you want to try Tainted Grail for yourself, you can either play the free demo, or pick it up via a 25% discount for $22.49 / £18.74. Just head here.

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