Tales of Arise fishing guide – where to find all rods and lures

How to get the Godly Angler achievement in Tales of Arise

Like all good JRPG games, Tales of Arise has a robust fishing mode you can relax with when you need a break from saving the world.

The most obvious benefit of fishing is catching ingredients for fish-based recipes, but you can also exchange fish for items back at Talka Pond in Menancia, and sell excess catches if you need the Gald. Catching all 44 fish earns you the Godly Angler achievement. That might sound daunting, but Arise has multiple lures and rods that make targeting specific fish species easier.

You’ll encounter several fishing locations well before actually unlocking your first rod and lure set. Fishing is an optional system, but a mandatory scene triggers on the road to Mahag Saar after you leave Elde Menancia. An NPC teaches you how to fish, and you’ll get Kisara’s personal fishing rod and lure.

Our Tales of Arise fishing guide explains the basics and where every fishing spot is on Dahna, along with how to get every rod and lure.

Tales of Arise Fishing Basics

Fishing requires no bait, and you can technically catch all fish with any rod or lure. However, each lure has a set of fish that are more likely to spawn when you use it.

Once you’ve found a spot and cast your line, you can shake the lure to attract a specific fish quickly through a brief quick time event. Once the fish bites, you have two other QTEs to manage while reeling it in.

The first is just tilting the rod in the direction shown on screen, though the second pops up at intervals, where you must press the button or key shown to keep the fish on the line and pull it further in.

Miss these prompts too often or let the fish icon slide too far into the red, and it’ll escape.

How to fish in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Fishing Locations

There are 12 Tales of Arise fishing spots spread across the five realms. Some are fairly easy to spot — Calaglia’s spot has its own separate map — though others are tucked away off the main road.

Tales of Arise Calaglia Fishing Spots

Calaglia’s sole fishing spot is the Cave of Solitude. Access it from the western edge of the map between Ulzebek and Mosgul.

Tales of Arise Cyslodia Fishing Spots

Nevira Snowplains

From the campsite just after Rudhir Forest, turn right onto the small path. The fishing spot is at the end.

Frozen Valley

Turn left at the campsite before the bridge.

Tales of Arise Elde Menancia Fishing Spots

Overseer Hill

Instead of turning onto Traslida Highway at the campsite, keep going straight ahead to find this fishing spot.

Talka Pond

This is where you learn to fish, just south of Viscint.

A character holding a fish in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Mahag Saar Fishing Spots

Adan Lake

This one’s right next to the campsite. Adan Lake is home to smaller versions of Menancia’s final boss, so mind how you go while you’re here.

Adan Ruins

Before heading down the narrow path to the campsite, turn right to find this fishing spot.

Hidden Wharf

Speak with Mahavar at the docks to access this fishing spot.

Tales of Arise Ganath Haros Fishing Spots

The final realm has four fishing spots, though two of which are gated behind quests.

Shinefall Woods

This one is just to the east of the fast travel point, near a resource gathering node.

Lavtu Marshlands

The marshlands fishing spot is at its southernmost point, southwest of the entrance to Pelegion.

Fogwharl Limestone Caverns – Inner Sanctum

Head to the back of the sanctum along the craggy path to find this secluded spot, but only after completing the Untamable Rage quest in Thistlym.

Uninhabited Island

The island’s fishing spot is at its southernmost point as well. It only unlocks after you complete Beyond the Grave at the Tuah Seashore, which itself unlocks once you’ve traveled to Rena.

Fishing lures menu in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Fishing Rods and Fishing Lures

Arise has multiple rods and lures available to buy, hidden in the wild, or gifted to you by the fishing master at Talka Pond for reaching certain fishing milestones. New rods make catching fish easier, while lures increase the likelihood of certain fish appearing.

Tales of Arise Fishing Rods

  • Migal’s Fishing Rod — Default
  • Novice Tackle — Given for catching ten different fish species
  • Fish Sniper — Given for catching 20 different fish species
  • Tenebrae Mk. III — Given for catching all 44 fish species
  • Alliance Marine Rod — Clear Kisara’s level 60 Solo Ultimate challenge at the Viscint Training Grounds

Tales of Arise Fishing Lures

Disarming Lure

  • Obtained — Purchase from Cysloden Innkeeper
  • Fish — Azure Tilapia, Nevira Piranha, Garnet Sea Bream

Trembling Lure

  • Obtained — Purchase from Viscint Innkeeper
  • Fish — Hawksbill Trout, Menancian Bass, Emerald Salmon

Charming Lure

  • Obtained — Purchase from Niez Innkeeper
  • Fish — Lesser Pirarucu, Muddy Pirarucu, Mahag Saar Flatfish

Rock Slapper

  • Obtained — Purchase from Pelegion Innkeeper
  • Fish — Polar Bass, Green Pike, Lavtu Arowana


  • Obtained — Found in Adan Lake chest near ruined houses
  • Fish — Berserker Piranha, Amber Mackerel, Tsuyukusa Mackerel

Subsurface Mirage

  • Obtained — Found in Adan Ruins chest near the well
  • Fish — Berserker Piranha, Amber Mackerel, Tsuyukusa Mackerel

Underground case fishing locations in Tales of Arise

Stick Lure

  • Obtained — Found in Latvue Marshlands chest on the southern island
  • Fish — Traslida Arowana, Aqfotle Arowana, Ganath Haros Piranha

Bienfu Lure

  • Obtained — Found in Forland Mountains Southern Hiking Trail, the detour before the Summit entrance
  • Fish — Golden Catfish

Rappig Minnow

  • Obtained — Reward for completing In-Sync quest in Cysloden’s Fountain Plaza
  • Fish — Cobalt Trout

Zapie Doppleganger

  • Obtained — Found in Fogwharl Limestone Caverns near the fishing spot
  • Fish — Cygni Pirarucu

Celestial Whale

  • Obtained — Clear Kisara’s level 25 Solo Battle challenge in Viscint’s Training Grounds
  • Fish — Talka Trout, Lavtu Tilapia, Blueback Tuna

Mieu Sinker

  • Obtained — Clear Kisara’s level 40 Solo Battle challenge in Viscint’s Training Grounds
  • Fish — Armored Sturgeon

Elegant Swimmer

  • Obtained — Reward from fishing master for catching three types of fish
  • Fish — Coral Flatfish, Gluttonous Barracuda

Running towards a lake in Tales of Arise

Portly Mudslinger

  • Obtained — Reward from fishing master for catching five types of fish
  • Fish — Tricolored Catfish, Fogwharl Pike

Round Popper

  • Obtained — Reward from fishing master for catching 15 types of fish
  • Fish — Menancian Catfish, Ganath Haros Catfish, Zesti Grouper

Marine Floater

  • Obtained — Reward from fishing master for catching 25 types of fish
  • Fish — Cave Sea Bass, Vesper Sea Bass, Karasuba Sea Bream

Uber Spinner

  • Obtained — Reward from fishing master for catching 30 types of fish
  • Fish — Mahag Saar Barracuda, Pearly Pike, Cyslodian Salmon

Teepo Lure

  • Obtained — Reward from fishing master for catching 35 types of fish
  • Fish — Aureum Arowana

Silver Fang

  • Obtained — Reward from fishing master for catching 40 types of fish
  • Fish — Silver Marlin

An extensive fishing game is just one reason we called Tales of Arise one of the best RPGs in recent years. Combat was another, but if you’re still working out how to get the most from Tales of Arise’s real-time action fights, check out our Tales of Arise combos and best character guide.