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New MMORPG and WoW challenger Tarisland sets launch date

New World of Warcraft style MMORPG Tarisland sets its global launch date and reveals the final boss you’ll meet when it arrives in June.

New MMORPG Tarisland sets launch date as it targets World of Warcraft and FF14 - An elven hunter with long purple hair falling across her face, and very large WoW style shoulder pads.

With WoW The War Within and FF14 Dawntrail both coming over the horizon in the next few months, one rival MMORPG is looking to jump the gun and get ahead of the big names. Tarisland is positioning itself to compete with the best in the business, even bringing in a World of Warcraft icon to do so, and following several beta tests now we have a launch date for the new Tencent MMO, along with the reveal of its final boss, the mighty Blight Dragon.

Developed by Locojoy and Level Infinite with backing from publishing giant Tencent, Tarisland certainly has some weight behind its punches, and it appears to be very much striking at the ground laid by Blizzard behemoth World of Warcraft, which for so long ruled court over the best MMORPGs. It’s even gone so far as to hire one of WoW’s best secret weapons: Russell Brower, the legendary composer known also for his work on Diablo 3, Overwatch, and StarCraft.

With nine classes, each boasting two specializations, and a flexible, expansive talent tree system that allows you to respec free of charge to adapt to different situations as they arise, there’s plenty of mechanical depth to look forward to. Tarisland’s vast open world is packed with plenty of stories to discover, puzzles to solve, and “unique experiences beyond traditional questing.” Of course, you’ll also team up with your fellow adventurers to take on increasingly challenging dungeon and raid encounters.

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Along with revealing the launch date, the new Tarisland trailer also gives us a look at the colossal Blight Dragon. Boasting a 200-meter wingspan, the creature is the first dragon that hatched in the universe and promises to prove a near insurmountable challenge on the battlefield. But make it to the Tarisland endgame, gear yourself to the nines, and team up with a group of like-minded and similarly prepared players, and perhaps you’ll pull it off.

The Tarisland launch date is set for Friday June 21, 2024 on PC and mobile devices. It will be free to play at release. If you’re already eager to get ready for your adventure, you can head to the official website to pre-register your interest and find out more.

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