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WoW like MMO Tarisland is having another beta, adds two new classes

A new Tarisland closed beta for the WoW like MMO is here, and it introduces two new classes and PvP changes ahead of a 2024 launch.

Tarisland second open beta: a women in a white robe holding up her left hand with a blue glow on it, with a staff behind her and blue hair

The second Tarisland closed beta has opened sign-ups for when it starts this week, allowing you to play the WoW-like MMO for yourself ahead of a release early next year. With two new classes and lots of improvements, returning players have a lot to look forward to as well.

The second closed beta for Tarisland is starting this week, and you can start preloading the MMORPG right now. Starting on Wednesday, November 15 you’ll have access to two new classes, a ten-player raid, extra PvP content, and optimizations to PvE, PvP, and crafting systems thanks to feedback from the first beta.

With a release date set for the first quarter of 2024, this could be your last chance to give Tarisland a go before the MMO comes out. You’ll be able to play as either the melee-focused Shadow Swordsman or the Phantom Necromancer, which focuses on ranged damage and healing.

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The new ten-player raid in the second Tarisland beta will be revealed through a series of story quests, while the PvP content consists of two arena battlegrounds and a new ranking system that aims to “deepen the PvP experience,” according to developer Level Infinite.

Comparisons to Blizzard’s WoW have been rampant with Tencent’s Tarisland, and WoW’s Chris Metzen even responding “huh,” to being shown the game online. Blizzard veteran composer Russell Brower has even jumped ship to Tarisland, after working on games like Diablo 3, Overwatch, Starcraft, and WoW expansions like Cataclysm.

If you’re an MMO lover and want to give the newest kid on the block a go before a full launch, you can sign up for the Tarisland open beta right here. This follows the first Tarisland closed beta from earlier this year.

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