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Game Awards nominated Tchia finally gets long-awaited Steam release

Game Awards nominated Tchai is finally expanding its horizons beyond the Epic Games Store, and is coming to Steam early next year.

Game Awards nominated Tchia finally gets long-awaited Steam release: A young child swims underwater amid coral reefs as he looks at a green fish

With a Game Awards nomination under its belt, while at first glance Tchia looks like just another cozy game, it’s so much more. Tasking you with exploring a tropical archipelago that bears an uncanny resemblance to Pacific nation of New Caledonia, you play as Tchia, a young woman with the power to ‘soul jump’ into both animals and inanimate objects. Heavily inspired by New Caledonian folklore, the game is equal parts stunning and genuinely moving – for me, it’s one of 2023’s ‘must plays.’ But, if the Epic Game Store exclusivity has been putting you off, I have good news for you.

While Tchia has been an Epic Games Store exclusive since it released back in March, developer Awaceb has confirmed that the action-adventure game will be making its Steam debut in the early months of next year – a year after its initial release.

The game’s Steam launch is coupled with a new update, which will add a new outfit perks system, meaning that clothes now provide Tchia with different environmental benefits. On top of that, there’s more cosmetics, too, which will no doubt help you craft some wonderfully bizarre looks.

There are new soul melodies, too, which can launch you high into the skies, or send out shockwaves to knock some pesky fruits out of their trees. I, for one, can’t wait to relive my Spyro days and do some mean aerial tricks – which I’ll no doubt fail at, but at least I’ve got spirit.

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As announced at the PC Gaming Show on Thursday, November 9, Tchia will be added to Steam in March 2024, with no exact release day at this time.

The game is available to wishlist right now, and I really, really recommend that you do so. It’s one of the best PC games of 2023, largely because of just how authentic it actually feels; the game just has so much soul.

That love and care is one of the many reasons why Tchia has been nominated for the Games for Impact category at The Game Awards; up against other heavy-hitters like Venba and Terra Nil. If you’ve already played and are looking to show Tchia some love, you can cast your vote here.

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