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Team Fortress 2 petition of 100,000 players demands Valve fix the game

The Team Fortress 2 community is relaunching 'SaveTF2,' calling on Valve to finally do something about the Steam FPS game's bot problem.

Team Fortress 2 SaveTF2 petition: a man with round glasses looking shocked and scared

A Team Fortress 2 petition that calls on Valve to solve bot issues in its  longstanding FPS has now accumulated more than 100,000 signatures, as the community rallies under the hope that the Steam maker will finally take proper notice. The petition campaign claims that TF2 is now “nearly unplayable” and that “Valve has remained steadfast in their refusal to adequately tackle the problem.” Specifically, Team Fortress 2 players ask that Valve remedy the profliferaiton of aimbots that have allegedly spoiled the long-running shooter.

Valve’s flagship class-based shooter, Team Fortress 2 is still absolutely massive. With 90,000 players logging into the FPS game on Steam as I write this, it might not pull in the numbers Counter-Strike 2 does, but there’s still a dedicated playerbase. That community has been besieged by bots for some time, and now says it will take action en masse.

The ‘SaveTF2’ campaign specifically wants Valve to take action regarding the shooter’s aimbot problem. According to the authors of the central SaveTF2 petition, aimbots invade casual games, insta-killing, kicking players, spouting hate speech, doxing people, and even launching DDoS attacks. In response, SaveTF2 is planning something big.

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“On [Monday] June 3rd, we’re all going to collectively group together to take a stand against Valve’s inaction in dealing with the bots,” the SaveTF2 website reads. “We’re going to showcase the absolute magnitude of this issue to the online masses. Screenshots, videos, and personal stories surrounding the bots in action, all accompanied by the tag #FixTF2.

“Alongside this is our petition, which will serve to represent the sheer enormity of how many players Valve’s inaction has negatively affected. We plan on forwarding each and every signature to them at a later date. We hope to gain the attention of as many mainstream gaming news outlets as possible, further shining a spotlight on the issue at hand. TF2 is not dying, it is being intentionally killed.”

Team Fortress 2 save TF2 petition: a tweet from Valve on the TF2 account

Valve was made aware of the Team Fortress 2 aimbot problem back in 2022, issuing a short response before going quiet again. “TF2 community, we hear you! We love this game and know you do, too. We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things,” Valve wrote.

The current Team Fortress 2 Valve petition did pick up some steam earlier in the year, but the community hopes the relaunch will force Valve to notice. With 107,727 signatures and counting, enthusiastic TF2 players can find the petition right here.

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