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TFT Aurelion Sol buffs propel champion into god-tier

TFT Aurelion Sol buffs in patch 12.14 have propelled the draconic Star Forger from the bottom of the Teamfight Tactics pack, and players want Riot to fix it

TFT aurelion sol buffs teamfight tactics patch 12.14

TFT’s Aurelion Sol buffs are a major part of Teamfight Tactics patch 12.14, and were Riot Games’ attempt to give the sassy celestial a new lease on life. It seems like they may have been slightly too hasty with their adjustments, though, as he’s gone from harmless space puppy to one-shot monster post-update.

League of Legends mid-laner Aurelion Sol’s TFT journey has been characterised by buffs and reworks. Struggling especially during TFT Set 7: Dragonlands, despite his colossal size (and ego), he’s largely lagged behind other champions, struggling to find his place in the overarching meta.

Enter Teamfight Tactics patch 12.14. Buffing his health and spell damage, his reworked black hole (added in patch 12.13) has gone from being a pinprick in the night sky to a colossal, gaping mass that’s determined to trap anything that strays too close.

As the Star Forger continues to dominate post-12.14, TFT players are demanding that Riot do something to curb his reign of terror, otherwise who knows what will happen – it’s Aurelion Sol, of course.

Venting their frustrations on the game’s official subreddit, players have been quick to criticise Aurelion Sol’s sudden power spike, begging Riot to hotfix the fiesty space dragon.

“This month in a nutshell,” reads one post, attaching a meme of Chancellor Palpatine during Star Wars Episode 3. The player has juxtaposed an image of the withered Sith Lord with the caption “Aurelion Sol 12.12” against one of him shooting force lightning marked “Aurelion Sol 12.14.”

Another player shows off a video of their hard-fought victory against the champion, sparking swathes of angry responses. “Aurelian Sol is broken this patch,” comments one. “If you get him at seven you win; that’s pretty much it.”

“Aurelion Sol 2 feels like a 3 star, 5 cost” echoes another, while a final comment reads “honestly after the rework Aurelion Sol was probably perfect, he went from being a bad damage carry without a mage spat to a great support carry with damage. I understand they wanted to buff him due to player perception but they entirely f**ked it up as usual. He just has too many things that cause him to scale out of control.”

Given that Riot have just buffed the champion, we may see some nerfs hit in in Patch 12.15 to try and compensate, but only time will tell. As we wait for someone to take the sassy star dragon down a peg, you can check out how much you’ve spent on League of Legends, Riot’s sister title – but be aware, Aurelion Sol will probably mock you for it.