TFT patch 12.14b notes – Aurelion Sol chaos continues with nerfs

TFT patch 12.14b has reverted some of the changes to Star Forger Aurelion Sol, but Riot has also nerfed fellow dragon-queen Shyvana in the process

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Teamfight Tactics patch 12.14b is the sequel to the now-infamous TFT patch 12.14. Handing celestial giant Aurelion Sol some much-needed nerfs, as well as taking fellow draconic champion Shyvana down a peg, here’s a full rundown of everything you need to know about the latest update.

In the wake of a particularly heavy-hitting TFT patch 12.14, Riot has already chosen to revert a few of the buffs and changes they added to the Rift’s draconic residents.

Aurelion Sol – a champion who went from zero to hero as a result of the latest update – is taking some pretty hefty nerfs to his spell damage, negating some of the absolute chaos caused by his oppressive Black Hole.

Shyvana has also been taken down a notch, losing a decent chunk of her spell damage in an attempt to thwart the dragoness’ tyrannical reign.

Finally, players can no longer toggle between Astral tiers, meaning your roll odds will take your previous board into consideration.

tft teamfight tactics patch 12.14b aurelion sol nerfs shyvana

TFT patch 12.14b notes

Below are the full TFT Patch 12.14b notes, courtesy of Riot Games.


Tier 2


  • Attack damage: 65 ⇒ 60
  • Bugfix: Ragewing Jinx no longer received Rage from her ability while enraged. She will now receive the Rage after the enrage effect ends.

Tier 3


  • Mana: 60/130 ⇒ 70/140

Tier 5

Aurelion Sol

  • Spell damage: 400/700/5000 ⇒ 375/625/5000
  • Ascension timer: 15 seconds ⇒ 18 seconds
  • Ascension damage amplification: 33% ⇒ 15%


  • Spell damage: 1200/1800/30000 ⇒ 1050/1650/30000



  • Ability power: 50 ⇒ 40

Zz’Rot Portal

  • Health by stage: 1500/1800/2100/2500 ⇒ 1350/1600/1900/2250
    • Hyper Roll: 1500/2100/2500 ⇒ 1350/1900/2250



  • Bugfix: Players can no longer toggle between Astral tiers during Planning Phase
  • 9 Astral Orb Item Drop Rate: 75% ⇒ 45%


  • Talon AD bonus: 5 ⇒ 8


  • Nomsy base health: 400 ⇒ 225
  • Nomsy health per snack: 20 ⇒ 25