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TFT is finally getting one of League of Legends’ best features

After being teased in a developer video several months ago, Riot is finally adding a League of Legends style rotating store to TFT.

TFT is finally getting one of League of Legends' best features: A chibi character with black and blond hair in a ponytail smirks, riding a cyberpunk motorbike

If there’s one thing that I love about League of Legends, it’s the rotating skin store. I’ve picked up some of my favorites at huge discounts, and consistently find myself on the edge of my seat waiting to see which cosmetics will get slashed in price next time around. Teamfight Tactics, however, doesn’t have this feature at the moment, meaning chibis and cosmetics are folded into LoL’s store. This is soon to be a thing of the past, though, as the highly anticipated TFT shop is just about to drop.

One of my ongoing issues with Teamfight Tactics cosmetics is that you just never quite get what you want. While the Treasure Realm lottery can turn in your favor, oftentimes I find myself walking away disappointed that, yet again, I didn’t get Chibi K/DA ALL OUT Akali.

That’s why, when Riot first announced that the auto battler was getting its own iteration of LoL’s rotating store, my ears perked up – and my wallet began to cry.

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So here’s how it works. The store is split into two sections: Mythic and Seasonal. Mythic will contain the rarer cosmetics, and uses Mythic Medallions as its currency (obtained via Treasure Realms with a 1 in 50 drop chance). Much like League’s Prestige store, the Mythic offerings are available for several patches, so you’ll be able to save up and buy them.

Conversely, the Seasonal store rotates with each patch, and utilizes Realm Crystals. You can obtain these through events, both the free and premium battle passes, and, of course, Treasure Realm pulls. You’ll find a whole slew of new content in the Seasonal store, but also unvaulted items from previous battle passes and events. Honeybuzz Duckbill might be coming back, folks, you heard it here first.

An image of the upcoming Teamfight Tactics rotating shop coming to TFT

Given that Mythic Medallions and Realm Crystals both drop from Treasure Realms, Riot has decreased the cost of each pull to 50 Treasure Tokens, half of the current 100. The drop rate of Mythic content, however, has been reduced from 1% to 0.3%, given players have more agency with the new Mythic Medallion system. A full rundown of the drop rates can be found here.

Additionally, If you’ve got any Promise Tokens leftover, these are automatically being converted to 12 Mythic Medallions at launch, which will be enough to pick up a single Mythic chibi.

The new Teamfight Tactics shop releases with patch 14.11, currently set to drop on Thursday May 30, 2024. 

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