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New TFT update turns players into giant heroes in Monsters Attack

The new TFT update Monsters Attack is a far cry from Teamfight Tactics' last venture, as this time players are tasked with becoming heroes in LoL's auto-battler

A small penguin wearing a monocle and top hat over his crown stands against a city backdrop as superheroes and villains fly around him

If you’ve ever wanted to become a giant hero in League of Legends’ auto-battler, Teamfight Tactics, then the TFT update Monsters Attack! is the one for you. Challenged with protecting Runeterra from a vast array of Kaiju-inspired enemies, there’s a lot to dive into.

First off, why on earth are you suddenly fighting Kaiju? Well, we’re not exactly sure yet. Riot simply asks that players be ready to “battle to protect the world,” otherwise the fallout will be catastrophic. What we do know is that there’ll be huge hero and anti-hero units added to the board, and that they’ll be more powerful than anything we’ve seen before.

Couple that with the new threat trait, and this is an entirely new look for the LoL auto-battler. “Threats don’t benefit from fielding other threats, and they have no other traits,” Riot explains. “They’re more powerful than other units, which compensates for their stripped-down vibe. Players can still field any number of them, which adds to their versatility.”

Augments have also been made permanent this time around, but their nature changes as Monsters Attack! progresses. Each session players will be able choose from a selection of Hero Augments, which “supercharge” one hero instead of the entire team.

PvE monsters will also be looking to take a chunk out of your superhero squad, but defeating them will drop an anvil which will gift you a free item or component. Exciting, right?


As for who is in charge of the Kaiju, well, that remains shrouded in mystery. While Aurelion Sol is the most Godillza-esque creature we have on the Rift at the moment, I suspect that someone else may be behind these foul machinations. The splash art points towards Star Guardian Fiddlesticks and Bel’Veth, but who knows, there are an awful lot of bad guys out there!

Monsters Attack! Will be out on the PBE from November 15, then will fully release in early December, likely after some downtime so that Riot can implement feedback. After all, this is a very different look for TFT, and will probably require a few adjustments.

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