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Tekken 8’s latest character trailer unleashes British boxer Steve Fox

Steve Fox, Tekken's hard-hitting, British boxer is the subject of the beat-em-up's latest trailer, powering through his opponents.

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Bandai Namco’s latest Tekken 8 trailer once again shines the spotlight on the game’s brawlers. This time it’s the turn of Steve Fox, a British boxer who’s first made his debut in Tekken 4.

If you’re new to the Tekken fighting games, you might be surprised by Tekken 8‘s latest battler. In a surprising turn of events, Steve Fox, subject of the game’s latest trailer, is a British character video character who’s voiced by a British actor.

The situation has improved in recent years, I’ll admit. But video games still have ‘British’ characters who, voiced by someone stateside, sound like no Brit alive or dead. However, for the last few Tekken games, this boxer has been voiced by Gideon Emery, an English actor. And at no point during the trailer does he scarf down a plate of jellied eels.

But he is extremely handy with his fists, and that’s the message the trailer really gets across. This “counter-punching paragon,” as the trailer calls him, isn’t as fleet footed as previous trailer star Leo Kliesse. But he doesn’t need to be, because his punches are so powerful he can punch through plenty of attacks.

In the trailer, his opponents don’t get a lot of shots in. We see him interrupt an enemy’s attack, punching him into orbit. Faster characters could, perhaps, run rings around him. The consensus is that Fox is tricky to master, but get the hang of this boxer and we can see you flooring opponent after opponent.

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He’s got a reputation as a fair fighter, which makes us wonder what he thought of Tekken 7’s Negan and Lucille. A shady corporation made him using the genetic material one of the game’s other fighters, Nina Williams. Though she definitely doesn’t want mother’s day cards from him.

Like Tekken 8’s other fighters, you’ll be able to step into his shoes when the game releases this January 26. In the meantime, take a look at the Tekken 8 roster and check out the Tekken 8 system requirements.

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