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Temtem Showdown is a new free game, and it’s giving Pokémon vibes

Pokémon isn't on PC, but Temtem is and the creature-collection MMO has just dropped a brand-new battle game that is completely free to play.

A blonde man stands between one red and one blue monster, using them for a battle

As a Pokémon lover, Temtem has always been the closest I can get to the cozy creature collect-a-thon on PC. While there are many RPG games to choose from out there, none have that cutesy turn-based battle feel to them quite like Temtem does. The colorful Pokémon-inspired game is not ending with just Temtem, though, as a new spin-off title has just been announced. Temtem Showdown, much like Pokémon Showdown, stands apart from the base game as a completely free-to-play entry.

Developer Crema and publisher Humble Games have teamed up to reveal Temtem Showdown, their new standalone battle game. Temtem Showdown is similar to Pokémon’s own spin-off in the sense that it focuses entirely on battling, letting you build your team up from scratch to dive straight into competing against other players. You don’t need to worry about your Temtem’s level or anything at all, and you can choose to play casually or competitively within the ranked system.

If you choose to play ranked, you will have to climb the ladder, improve your skill, and see how well you fare against both new and experienced Temtem trainers. Showdown aims to deliver “Temtem’s signature 2v2 battle system” while allowing you the freedom to fight with strategy and not RNG. Temtem Showdown is free to grab on Steam right now, and you can download it here.

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Crema stated that Temtem has a “balanced and diverse meta, enhanced by regular balance patches that keep things spicy.” A new season is set to drop every few months, meaning that you will never run out of new combinations to play with. You may even make your way up the ranks and compete in the TemCS, the official Temtem esports circuit, to win huge prizes. Alternatively, take part in less intensive community-run tournaments.

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