The Terraria devs lied, thankfully – update 1.4.4 is coming

Terraria didn't end with the final update, nor the second final update, nor the one after that, but maybe 1.4.4 will actually be the last one

A very pink promotion of Terraria's Labor of Love update

I’m never happier about a broken promise than when it comes from the Terraria devs. After the Journey’s End update (and then the Journey’s Actual End update) promised a conclusion to official support for the game, the devs went and did a Don’t Starve crossover. Now they’ve announced yet another major patch on the way.

Terraria’s 1.4.4 patch is called the ‘Labor of Love Update’, a response to fans voting the game up for the similarly-named Steam award. A reveal video from YouTuber Chippy confirms that the new update will be focused primarily on balance changes, not new content – though a few surprise new items are planned for the release.

One of those new items has been revealed early, however: Resplendent Dessert will allow you to summon both slime pets simultaneously. Among the balance changes, melee weapons like Dark Lance, Frostbrand, Flairon, Scourge of the Corruptor, Star Wrath are all getting buffed, and there’ve been a pile of quality-of-life changes, too.

Check it out in the video below.

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This update is on the smaller side so that once it’s wrapped up the devs at Re-Logic can focus on their next game.

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