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Terraria 1.4.5 update unlocks huge potential with tiny transformation

The new Terraria 1.4.5 update introduces a rat transformation to the beloved indie sandbox game, making tunnel exploration much easier.

Terraria 1.4.5 update adds a new animal transformation - A miner looks at a tunnel that is too small to fit into.

The Terraria 1.4.5 update looks better every time we get another glimpse of it. The sandbox crafting RPG remains one of the best PC games ever, and it’s only looking even bigger and bolder as developer Re-Logic works on its latest, supposed final, update. As a huge fan of both Terraria and the Animorphs series, I’m particularly excited for the latest revelation from the Terraria State of the Game for May, which shows off an incredibly useful new transformation as we roll over into June.

As the month draws to a close, the Terraria State of the Game May 2024 brings us all the latest spoilers for one of the best sandbox games to grace Steam. This month, Re-Logic head of business strategy Ted ‘Loki’ Murphy says the team is “greatly enjoying the warmer temperatures and the chance to get outside a lot more” (I write as I glimpse outside at a gray, wet sky). “Development work remains at a steady pace as we draw ever closer to Terraria 1.4.5,” he notes, also announcing that two new long-time community contributors have been brought on-board the official Re-Logic team.

The big news for the month, however, is the new Terraria rat transformation. Joining the likes of the merfolk and wolf forms, and the recently revealed vampire bat transformation coming in 1.4.5, this newest transformation allows you to climb through small one-block-high spaces, allowing you to quickly navigate paths without a need for extensive mining. Even better, it can climb walls, meaning any tunnel becomes an easy path to success.

Terraria 1.4.5 update - The new rat transformation, allowing you to crawl and climb through small tunnels.

Elsewhere among the full notes, you might be able to spot a few more potential, if yet unconfirmed, spoilers among the screenshots and gifs showing the reworked controller tooltips. These include what look to be a snow or freeze bomb and a new Fishron whip for summoners, along with another glimpse of seemingly stackable weapons, which would be a real saving grace for the inventory when farming one particular enemy type.

We still don’t have an exact date for when Terraria 1.4.5 will launch, with Re-Logic adopting its usual “we’ll release it when we’re happy that it’s ready to go” approach. The Terraria crossplay update is planned to arrive sometime after 1.4.5, although Re-Logic still notes that testing is ongoing and it’s not 100% set in stone yet.

For the time being, you can browse even more of the best crafting games on PC for all your building needs. Or, if the promise of becoming a tiny pal has got you curious, here are the best rat games on PC.

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