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New Terraria item helps you stop evil biomes from spreading

Terraria is getting a new potion that reveals evil biomes such as the crimson and corruption, and it should help make the sandbox game's hardcore more enjoyable

Terraria box art with knight holding torch

Terraria is getting a new sight potion, and it reveals the sandbox game’s dreaded evil biomes. The new item should help players prevent corrupted landscapes from infecting the world map, a hardmode feature that transforms the map into a pixelated hell.

Re-logic’s head of marketing, Ted “Loki” Murphy, shows off the new Terraria sight potion in a short clip, with the item seemingly revealing the presence of evil biomes such as the corruption and the crimson underground. Doing so enables the player to purge the tainted areas using a Clentaminator, a steampunk style gun that can be used in the game’s hard mode to create and destroy ecosystems.

In response to the Terraria potion reveal, fans are heralding the item as a game-changer. The handy beverage should help hardmode players eliminate every patch of sinister soil on the world map, ultimately curbing evil from showing up at your base door. One player suggests it could even improve the experience for colourblind adventurers, as it makes hallowed and normal stone more distinguishable in low light conditions.

The evil biome sight potion will arrive with Terraria 1.4.4, and the revision aims to balance the survival game. While Re-logic previously claimed that the Journey’s Actual End update would be the last, weapons like the Dark Lance, Frostbrand, Flairon, Scourge of the Corruptor, and Star Wrath are set to receive a buff.

Terraria’s upcoming quality of life tweaks should make all the difference if you’re a long-term fan, but the update is on the smaller side. Whether or not that’s because Re-logic wants to make a sequel is uncertain, but Terraria 2 teasers did spark cause for speculation earlier this year.