The best Terraria mods 2023

With the help of a mod manager, here are the best Terraria mods to add a variety of items, mechanics, and quality of life tweaks to the game.


What are the best Terraria mods? Whether you’re new to Terraria and want to tweak the experience slightly, or you’ve got years of experience and need a new challenge, these Terraria mods range from complete overhauls to minor improvements on existing content.

One of the best crafting games available, Terraria has a lot of content to sink your pickaxe into. These mods add even more possibilities, including beefier boss battles, new biomes to explore, and fresh items to tinker with which allows Terraria to go toe-to-toe with the best PC games around today.

The best Terraria mods are:

  • Terraria Overhaul
  • Calamity
  • Thorium
  • Extensible Inventory
  • Recipe Browser
  • Boss Checklist
  • Valheim Music
  • Minecraft Music
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Terraria Overhaul

Instead of adding anything new to existing content, this Overhaul mod tinkers with an expanse of features, including changing seasons and player movement – it also turns up the dial on enemy and AI gore. However, the biggest change is to Terraria’s combat system, creating immersive fights that require more strategy and rapid reactions to dodge enemies and reload weapons.


Another overhaul mod, Thorium adds plenty of new content for players to sink their spears into. Although Calamity adds more enemies and bosses, Thorium adds new NPCs, biomes, and ups the ante to over 2,000 new items for players, alongside three new classes – thrower, bard, and healer. So if you’re more of an explorer than a fighter this might be the expansive mod for you.

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The Calamity mod is a real doozy, adding 24 bosses, over 200 new enemies, and over 1,000 new items. For avid Terraria veterans, this mod is brutally challenging, especially if you take on one of its five new difficulty levels.

Extensible Inventory

This mod does what it says on the tin, and adds extra space to your backpack. Ease the worry of running out of room for Terraria potions for those long journeys to defeat Terraria bosses or explore new hostile locations with this practical mod. This is technically a ‘cheat’ mod, as you can expand your backpack infinitely, but who hasn’t played Skyrim wishing they could never become over-encumbered?

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Recipe Browser

The recipe browser mod deems your Guide obsolete, providing a first-class service of item searching. Simply rifle through items and filter through ingredients to discover craftable recipes using this nifty search bar. Great for using up leftovers.

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Boss Checklist

If you’re stuck on which boss to tackle next, this boss checklist mod is a simple and useful mod to have running along in the background, keeping you informed of your boss-ending progress. Not only does it tell you which order to take on each boss, but you’ll also get a satisfying tick next to each one you successfully defeat.

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Valheim Music

Another excellent crafting game that you’ve likely whiled away many hours in is Valheim. Whilst the best Valheim mods are a beast of their own, you can now combine the game with Terraria by introducing Valheim music. The dulcet tones of Valheim are ramped up when combat is intense, when enemies loom nearby, and when notable events occur, and now you can have the same effect during your Terraria playthrough.

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Minecraft Music

Let’s be completely honest, Terraria does a lot of things really well, but Minecraft has one of the best soundtracks of all time. If you’re searching for a relaxing soundtrack to play Terraria to, look no further. Check out the Minecraft Music Add-On mod to replace Terraria’s music with tracks from Minecraft, Minecraft Story Mode, and Minecraft Dungeons.

How to download mods in Terraria

Before you get started downloading mods in Terraria, be sure to install tModLoader, a handy mod manager for all your Terraria mods. Supported by Terraria developer Re-Logic, tModLoader is easy to download as a free DLC on Steam. Most Terraria mods will work with tModLoader, but it’s always worth checking the individual mod download process. You should also check out the Terraria CurseForge game mods hub for more offerings.

These are the best mods in Terraria, but if something doesn’t catch your eye, maybe it’s time to venture into one of the best survival games on our list. Or as well as the best free PC games, check out other free games like Minecraft to see if anything tickles your fancy.