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All Terraria bosses list in order

From the infamous Queen Bee to Skeletron Prime and the particularly troublesome Golem, here are all the Terraria bosses in order of when they appear in game.

Want to know all the Terraria bosses in order? Terraria bosses pose a great challenge to players, as one of the many aspects that make the popular sandbox game so varied and keeps players coming back over a decade on. If you’re looking to make your Terraria life that bit more difficult, you can summon these bosses, but make sure you’ve got sufficient armor and accessories equipped first.

You can usually trigger Terraria bosses to appear by reacting to the environment, but you can also summon them using specific items relating to each boss. Defeating them will reward you with several benefits. However, some – particularly hardmode bosses – won’t go down easy, and to encounter them, you’ll need to have finished your first playthrough of the adventure game.

All Terraria Bosses

All Terraria pre-hardmode bosses in order:

All Terraria hardmode bosses in order:

All Terraria bosses: a slime with a crown on top of it.

King Slime

This bouncy blob of blue can be summoned using a Slime Crown or once you’ve killed 150 slimes during a slime rain (a random event where slimes fall from the sky). It’s pretty easy to defeat and a good beginner challenge.

All Terraria bosses: a giant eye threatens a house near the sea.

Eye of Cthulhu

If you have over 200 HP and at least 10 defense, and you’ve got three NPCs all living in Terraria housing, then there’s a one-in-three chance of this boss spawning at the beginning of each night cycle. It can also be summoned at night using a Suspicious Looking Eye.

All Terraria bosses: a giant worm with lots of eyes eating the ground.

Eater of Worlds

The Eater of Worlds is only found in worlds with corruption chasms (an evil biome). It will naturally appear after every third Shadow Orb is broken or when Worm Food is used.

It’s a challenging foe for even the more experienced players, so proceed with caution. We suggest coming armed with piercing weapons and aiming for the head and tail first to avoid them splitting into multiple worms.

All Terraria bosses: a floating brain hovers in a forest with blood leaves and floating eyeballs.

Brain of Cthulhu

If the eye wasn’t enough, then this floating monstrosity will appear after every third Crimson Heart is broken or after using a Bloody Spine – very apt. It comes with an army of creepers and two attack types but has fairly low HP, making this a nice challenge for beginners. This Terraria boss can only be found in worlds containing the crimson biome.

All Terraria bosses: a giant bee with a hive where its stinger should be, flying around in a cave surrounded by honeycombs.

Queen Bee

To locate the queen of bees, simply destroy its larva, which can be found in beehives in the underground jungle. You can also summon a Queen Bee by using Abeemination anywhere in the jungle biome.

All Terraria bosses: the arms and skull of the Skeletron across multiple beams with campfires on them.


You’ll need to defeat Skeletron to access the Dungeon, especially if you want to get your hands on an alchemy table to craft Terraria potions. Skeletron is a formidable foe and must be killed before the night is up; otherwise, it will kill you in one swift swipe.

Deerclops, a grey, one-eyed mountain deer, and one of the Terraria bosses.


Deerclops can be summoned using a Deer Thing while in a snow biome, but can also appear randomly at midnight during a blizzard. The specifications for this random spawn are that the player has a minimum of either nine defense or 200 health, so there’s no fear of one appearing before you’ve reached these stats – unless you summon it. Once a Deerclops has already been defeated once in the world, the chance of a random spawn decreases.

All Terraria bosses: the player is shooting at a gigantic wall that's moving and sending out tendrils with teeth. There's a giant eye in the center of it. Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh

The Wall of Flesh is, well, a wall of flesh – with two lazer-firing eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Oh, and it burps hostile leeches. You can summon it by throwing a Guide Voodoo Doll into a pool of lava. It’s a tough boss to beat and is the final pre-hardmode boss. Once successfully defeated, hardmode will be enabled in the world, and you can move on to tougher boss battles – yay!

All Terraria bosses: a pink slime with an elegant silver crown on its head and wings.

Queen Slime

This optional boss fight is a good intro to hardmode bosses and will be one of the first bosses you encounter. It’s a tougher version of King Slime and can be summoned from destroying Gelatin Crystals in the underground hallow.

All Terraria bosses: two giant floating eyeballs connected by a single sinew strand.

The Twins

You’ll recognize this duo from the pre-hardmode boss Eye of Cthulhu. However, there’s now double the trouble, and The Twins are summoned via the use of a Mechanical Eye at night time. Both eyes have different HP and fighting styles, so watch out for Spazmatism’s flames and body slams and Retinazer’s deadly lasers.

All Terraria bosses: a purple worm with many eyes, being hit by fireworks.

The Destroyer

Although this boss is considered one of the easiest hardmode Terraria bosses, it can still provide quite the challenge as it shoots lethal lasers in rapid succession at players. To summon The Destroyer, use a Mechanical Worm anywhere in the world at night.

All Terraria bosses: the limbs and skull of Skeletron Prime, who has a more menacing look.

Skeletron Prime

Skeletron Prime ramps up the difficulty from his predecessor Skeletron, with a lot more HP to contend with, as well as a laser gun, saw, and cannon to avoid in battle. Again, make sure you kill Skeletron Prime before sunrise; otherwise, he’ll kill you in one blow. You can summon him by using a Mechanical Skull, and he can be summoned anywhere at night.

Mechdusa, a long, straight skeleton with two large eyeballs coming out of its skull, one of the Terraria bosses.


Mechdusa is a sort of secret boss, as it can only be summoned on a specific world seed – the Everything world seed. Provided you’re in this world, Mechdusa can be summoned using Ocram’s Razor. To load into the Everything world, enter the seed “getfixedboi” in world creation.

All Terraria bosses: a giant rose bud with several steams sprouting from its head.


You can summon Plantera by destroying a Plantera’s Bulb in the underground jungle after defeating the mechanical bosses, which are The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and The Destroyer.

All Terraria bosses: a giant, pink worm-like monster with an aura around it, making everything else pink.

Empress of Light

With a whopping 70,000 HP, this optional boss is one of the toughest hardmode Terraria bosses you’ll face. It can be summoned by killing the Prismatic Lacewing, a flying butterfly-like creature that spawns in the hallow at night after defeating Plantera.

All Terraria bosses: a Golem-like monster floating inside a cave.


You’ll come face to face with Golem in the Jungle Temple by using a Lihzahrd Power Cell at the Lihzahrd Altar. You’ll need to defeat Plantera first to gain access to the Jungle Temple. Golem’s attacks are similar to Skeletron, as it can detach parts and shoot ranged attacks.

All Terraria bosses: a cyan-colored monster that's a cross between a shark, pig, sabertooth tiger, and dragon, flying through the sky.

Duke Fishron

You can only summon Duke Fishron by fishing in Terraria, using a Truffle Worm as bait with a high-powered fishing rod in an ocean biome. He has a staggering 50,000 health and 50 defense stats and will ram the player and fire explosive bubbles and flying sharks as projectiles.

All Terraria bosses: a Lunatic Cultist trying to summon a demon. His friends lie dead around him.

Lunatic Cultist

Once you’ve taken out Golem, the Lunatic Cultist spawns outside the dungeon and can only be summoned once all four cultists have been killed. It’s a difficult boss to predict in battle, with random flight movements and cycling elemental attacks.

All Terraria bosses: the Moon Lord is a Cthulhu-like being with a squid-like face, several mouths on its face and hands, and an exposed brain.

Moon Lord

The final boss is a treasure trove of endgame items. You can summon him by defeating all four celestial towers from the lunar events or using a Celestial Sigil. His total health is 145,000, and he’s by far the most difficult Terraria boss you’ll face. With multiple eyes that must be destroyed at various stages, this Terraria boss takes a lot of patience to avoid deadly laser attacks from all three of Moon Lord’s eyes.

How to summon Terraria event bosses

There are also a bunch of optional encounters you can have with Terraria bosses during events.

Event name How to begin Bosses summoned
Old One’s Army Place an Eternia Crystal on the Eternia Crystal Stand. The Tavernkeep sells crystals for 25 silver coins (pre-mechanical bosses), 1 gold coin (post-mechanical bosses), or 4 gold (post-Golem). The Eternia Crystal Stand costs 1 gold at the Tavernkeep. Dark Mage (final wave of Tier 1)
Ogre (final wave of Tier 2)
Betsy (final wave of Tier 3)
Pirate Invasion Occurs randomly after certain conditions are met or when the player uses a Pirate Map. This item has a 1% drop rate from any enemy killed near or in the Ocean during Hardmode. Flying Dutchman (spawns after 65% of invasion is completed)
Pumpkin Moon Craft a Pumpkin Moon Medallion at either Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil, then use it at night. (Post-Plantera item)
Crafting this item requires 30 pumpkins, five ectoplasms, and ten hallowed bars.
Mourning Wood
Pumpking (can have multiple Pumpkings spawn at once)
Frost Moon Craft a Naughty Present at either Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil, then use it at night. (Post-Plantera item)
Crafting this item requires 20 silk, five ectoplasm, and five souls of fright.
Ice Queen
Martian Madness Let a Martian Probe escape after you are detected by it (Post-Golem event) Martian Saucer
Lunar Events After defeating the Lunar Cultist, these four pillars appear. When all of them are defeated, the Moon Lord will arrive. Solar Pillar
Nebular Pillar
Vortex Pillar
Stardust Pillar

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That’s how to spawn, summon, and defeat all the Terraria bosses. If you want a different way to shake up your experience, try some of the best Terraria mods to add even more variation to one of the best crafting games on PC. Once you get to summoning these bosses, make sure you know how to unlock Terraria Pylons to make traveling between biomes easier.