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Faze Clan offered Tfue a “seven-figure” salary with a “zero percent” split

Faze Clan says it made at least four attempts to renegotiate Tfue's contract, but he was "never interested in creating a new deal"

Following reports that Fortnite streamer Tfue has split from Faze Clan in order to start his own esports organisation, his former employers have issued a lengthy statement. In a video posted to Twitter, representatives from Faze Clan said that the company made “every effort to renegotiate.”

The video states that multiple new contracts were sent to Tfue, whose real name is Turner Tenney, but they were not accepted. Faze Clan CEO Lee Trink says that while Tfue was initially under a starter agreement with the company, “as early as September 28 of last year, we sent the first revised version of a contract for Tfue.”

That Tfue contract was followed up by another new agreement on January 24, and two more on April 3 and April 29. Trink then says that “the other day as this developed, we decided we’re going to end an amendment to the agreement that gets rid of this 80% clause that everybody’s been concerned about, even though we have never collected any more than 20% from him, or any other of our members.”

According to Faze Clan member CBass, Tfue was offered a deal “which would have paid him seven figures a year, we sent him a deal which would have featured absolutely no splits, at all, we had no legal right to take anything from him. We were going to take zero percent.”

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Appearing on Keemstar’s DramaAlert YouTube show, Trink said that Tfue was “actually never interested in creating a new deal. What he was interested in was creating a competing org. And that’s impossible, we’re never going to get there.”

Tfue’s lawsuit against Faze Clan came to light earlier this week. While representatives of the esports organisation have been fairly vocal on the matter, Tfue himself has largely stayed quiet, but for a two-minute statement in which he says he’s “serving justice to the esports community,” and appeals to Faze Clan to make the terms of his original contract public.