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Tfue says that Fortnite’s current meta is “the worst that’s ever existed”

Fortnite streamer Tfue has said current meta is "worse than anything I could have ever imagined"

Fortnite streamer and top Twitch-er Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has criticised the current Fortnite meta, saying that it’s “the worst meta that’s ever existed”. His comments, made in a stream on his Twitch channel last week, highlight a few concerns he has with various aspects of the current season.

In the stream, Tfue states that he keeps getting “outplayed”, adding that “it’s worse than anything I could have ever imagined. It’s worse than when the Tommy Gun came out the first time”. He goes on to say that it’s “worse than double pump, worse than planes, worse than […] literally anything”, referencing other features of the game that have since been removed, or ‘vaulted’.

These comments seem to link to Epic’s recent decision to bring back the Drum Gun – or Tommy Gun, following a Season 8 unvaulting event fan vote, which Tfue blasted to his over 1.6million followers on Twitter. The decision has been criticised by other streamers, such as Ninja, who also took to Twitter to ask that the gun be re-vaulted.

Tfue also raises issues with the map, saying it’s “terrible”, and that Fortnite’s in “the worst state the game’s ever been in”.

However, he iterated that he loved Fortnite and still enjoyed playing it, seeming to back this up on Twitter by giving the new patch the thumbs up. Hopefully, the new V9.10 patch released this week will bring some goodies and alleviate some of his concerns.

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If not, perhaps he’ll be excited to hear about the new Michael Jordan crossover and fancy a hop over to the game’s Creative mode to try get himself a slam dunk over there.