That’s more like it: Watch Dogs trailer showcases Ubisoft Montreal’s “hyper-connected playground”

Our Rob lives fairly close to Chicago - and cannot vouch for the accents in Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

The new Watch Dogs trailer ends, like the last, with explosions. Sorry. But it begins better, with shaky-cam shots of Chicago’s denizens – every one of which, we’re told, has a “unique identity and reacts intelligently to the world around them”.

Where last month’s worrying Watch Dogs leak was a montage of revenge motives and muddled accents, today’s is precisely what it needs to be: a sell for the city.

“Any citizen could be a victim, or a killer, or another player lurking inside your game,” Ubisoft’s salesman tells us.

With any luck, Watch Dogs will be more about these little stories than the big one that had Aiden Pearce batgrowling through the last trailer. The stuff that unfolds when you follow a nondescript man labelled ‘Police record CL109995’ and his unsuspecting target, ‘Recent promotion to CFO’, into an alleyway.

‘Cosplay enthusiast’; ‘Cancer in remission’; ‘Convincted for fraud’. You have to wonder how you’d be summarised in two or three words by a magic mobile phone. I reckon I’d be ‘Mostly harmless’. How about you?