Watch Dogs trailer leaks, reveals May 27 release

A guy in a long coat stands at left, holding a glowing smartphone with radial lines coming out of it and spider-webbing across a street on an autumn day in Chicago.

Watch Dogs is now out; here’s our Watch Dogs review.

Watch Dogs finally has a release date after its abrupt disappearance from the 2013 release calendar. Thanks to a leaked trailer that slipped out through, we now know the open-world hacking game comes out on May 27.

And thanks to leaked trailer, we can also be prepared for some very dubious voice acting.

As it happens, I grew up near Chicago. In all my years there, I never heard anyone that sounded like the people in this trailer. It doesn’t help that the main character seems to be channeling Christian Bale’s Batman, but overall I’m surprised at how odd everyone sounds in this video.

Anyway, Ubisoft finally uploaded the trailer themselves, which shows the intense personal stakes for Hacker Guy. We get a shot of a little girl’s grave, and then a whole lot of high-tech mischief via a magic smartphone.

Not shown: the moment when Hacker Guy goes to deactivate traffic lights in the middle of a high-speed chase, and his phone hangs because of a mandatory update. Because you just know that would happen in real life.

Anyway, the trailer only includes May 27th as a release date, and offers no indication that the PC version will be delayed. In fact, on the final screen, you can see the PC logo below May 27, right alongside the PlayStation and Xbox logos.

How sweet it is.

Thanks, VideoGamer.