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Avengers will have no “random loot boxes” or “pay-to-win scenarios”

Square Enix promises the Avengers' online component won't have sketchy monetisation


Square Enix’s Avengers game will feature an online component with four-player co-op and new heroes added over time. However, the publisher promises a fair long-term monetisation model, including no “random loot boxes” and no “pay-to-win scenarios.”

The implication is that you’ll be able to spend money on something in the game, but we don’t yet know what. New heroes and other content will join the game over time in free updates, but the developers offered no indication of what you’ll ultimately be paying for. The Avengers’ service model sounds a lot like other games including Destiny, so you can probably look at those sorts of titles for an indication of what pricing will look like.

The Avengers launch date is set for May 15, 2020, which is just far enough out that some of those questions may still be unanswered even among the developers. You can expect to see a bit more of the game ahead of release thanks to a beta, but it’ll be coming out first for PlayStation 4 players.

In the meantime, you can see the trailer below.

Avengers will have an original story and a substantial cast featuring Troy Baker, Nolan North, and plenty more of the most recognisable voices in gaming.

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We’ll have plenty more for you on the Avengers – and all the E3 2019 games – over the course of the show, so stick with us for more as we learn what’s in store for the future of videogames.