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The Avengers story campaign is single-player only

The main story of the Avengers is for solo players

We finally got to see the Avengers in action at E3 and, well, we’ve still got a lot of questions. We saw gameplay of the earliest bits of the game’s prologue, and that looked like a pretty straightforward single-player action game – but then, it’s also a four-player co-op game with long-time service hooks. Apparently, it’s only a multiplayer title outside of the core story.

Not only are you able to play the Avengers campaign solo, you’ll have to – there’s no cooperative play for the game’s main story missions, as developer Crystal Dynamics tells IGN. You’ll be able to pick up side missions throughout the game, and you can play those either solo or in co-op, but when it comes to the campaign you’re going to be on your own.

Avengers will also be a live service, but a “narrative-focused” one. We know that future heroes and regions will be free, and that microtransactions will mostly be focused on cosmetic skins and outfits. Whether further story updates will be single-player or co-op focused – or some combination of both – remains to be seen.

The Avengers launch date is set for May 15 next year, and for a game less than 12 months from release we sure still have a lot of questions lingering about it.

Hopefully we’ll find out more about what to expect sooner rather than later.