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Marvel’s Avengers game is coming to Google Stadia

An advert for the game confirms that it's coming to Google's upcoming streaming service

Marvel's Avengers

It looks as though Square Enix’s Marvel Avengers game is coming to Google Stadia. An advert for the game put up ahead of the game’s official unveiling at E3 shows Stadia branding alongside PC, PS4, and Xbox One logos.

That information comes from the game’s official Twitter account, which posted an image of the billboard-like advert early this morning. As well as the game’s logo, a strapline (which reads “embrace your powers”), and the E3 2019 logo, four small platform logos can be seen on the right-hand side of the image. Console and PC logos are on display, unsurprisingly, but they’re joined by the official branding for Google’s game streaming platform. You can check out the tweet for yourself further down this article.

In a Stadia briefing earlier this month, Square Enix was confirmed as a publishing partner. Given the company’s relative size and clout within the industry, that was to be expected, but it was far from certain that the upcoming superhero game would be included as part of that partnership.

Little is known about the Avengers tie-in game at this point, but we’re expecting to learn far more about it at Square Enix’s E3 press conference tomorrow. Given how prominently this advert is displayed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Marvel game features pretty prominently.

As for Stadia, thanks to that briefing, we know a little more than we did when it was first announced back at GDC. Set to launch in February, the service will include a number of games from publishers including Bethesda, Ubisoft, and even Rockstar.

Assemble: The Avengers game will be revealed tomorrow

Of course, Marvel’s Avengers is unlikely to be the only new addition to the Stadia ranks over the course of the expo, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few days.