The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is “sequel-sized” DLC expected to launch in 2020

The long-awaited final update for Binding of Isaac is finally closing in on release

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance finally has a Steam page, indicating that the final update for the venerable roguelike is at last nearly ready to launch. It’s (tentatively) due to launch by the end of the year, and while 2020 won’t be the first time the devs have been confident in an ‘end of the year‘ launch, it looks like the end is at last in sight.

Repentance has expanded in scope to the point where it’s a “sequel-sized expansion”, according to Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen. According to a new blog post, the DLC is “over 90% done”, and the Steam page lists a release target of December 31, 2020. That is just a placeholder date – McMillen says on Twitter that “we still don’t have a release date yet but we think end of year is still doable.”

Repentance is the final official update for Binding of Isaac, and will require the Rebirth release to play. It has both new content and a load of features from the popular Antibirth mod, including an alternate path with a new ending, and over 130 new items, 100 new enemies, 25 new bosses, and two new playable characters.

Check out the Steam page for further details.

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