Doom and Bloodborne combine in brutal horror FPS coming free to Steam

Doom meets Bloodborne and a little bit of Hunt Showdown in a new brutal, dark, and free-to-play horror FPS coming soon to Steam Early Access.

The Bornless Steam: A monstrous creature from horror FPS game The Bornless

Doom has demons. Lots and lots of demons. It also has terrific gunplay, plenty of brutal kills, and a pumping metal soundtrack courtesy of Mick Gordon. You take the id Software FPS game and blend it with the gloomy, Eldritch horror and dark lore of Bloodborne, then throw in some of Hunt Showdown’s excellent online co-op and PvE, and you get The Bornless, a new, free-to-play shooter shortly making its way to the Epic Games Store and Steam Early Access. If you like hefty combat, striking visuals, and blasting your way through the legions of Hell with some pals – if you miss Doom Eternal, and wish Bloodborne was on PC – this is absolutely for you.

The Bornless takes place in a corrupted, Lovecraftian world where demonic powers, black magic, and Tommy Guns reign supreme. You start by joining or creating a faction, and then construct a safe house to manage your character builds and gear.

Perhaps you want to play it as a straightforward run-and-gunner, and focus on building The Bornless’s considerable arsenal of lever-action rifles and double-barrel shotguns. Alternatively, you might want to bring spells into play. Demons can be summoned to help in combat, and you can use magical abilities like the ‘Corvus Eye’ to see enemies through walls.

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The central game mode is ‘Orobas,’ whereby several teams compete against both one another and AI enemies to be the last clan standing. There are also seasonal tournaments, regular factional quests, and a variety of other mini-games, with The Bornless set to add more modes and stages as it progresses through early access.

The Bornless is free to play, and will remain as such even after its full launch. Though the release date is still unannounced, developer Cathedral Studios plans the early access period to last between 12 and 15 months, during which it will “fine-tune the world” based on player feedback. Dark, distinctive, and blending classic, gothic horror with turbo-charged Hell metal, you can wishlist The Bornless right now on either Steam or Epic.

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