Callisto Protocol cancelled in Japan as Dead Space-like refuses censor

The Callisto Protocol, set to revive the spirit of classic horror game Dead Space, is cancelled in Japan after makers refuse censorship changes

Callisto Protocol cancelled in Japan as Dead Space-like refuses censor: Jacob Lee, from Dead Space like horror game The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol, set to capture and revive the spirit of horror game classic Dead Space when it launches in December, has been cancelled in Japan after developer Striking Distance and publisher Krafton refuse to make changes to the third-person shooter in order to meet requirements of the Japanese certifications board.

According to a post on The Callisto Protocol’s official Twitter account, the horror game will no longer launch in Japan after CERO, the country’s certifications board similar to ESRB, stipulated that Striking Distance and Krafton would have to make alterations to The Callisto Protocol’s content in order to obtain a rating. Reportedly, the creators were unwilling to do this as it would compromise the game too severely.

“It was decided that modifying the game to obtain a rating would not provide the experience players expected,” explains the post. “The CERO rating could not be obtained.” Japanese pre-orders for the game will reportedly be refunded at a later date.

Set for release on December 2, The Callisto Protocol casts you as Jacob Lee, an inmate at a dystopian space prison called Black Iron, as they try to survive against hordes of fellow prisoners who have been mutated by a deadly virus. Overseen by Glen Schofield, producer on the original Dead Space, it takes heavy inspiration from the defining EA horror, which is also getting a remake on January 23. It is unclear precisely which aspect of The Callisto Protocol caused it to run afoul of the Japanese ratings board, though the game is likely to focus on body horror and gore.

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