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The Callisto Protocol’s player count just spiked by 220% in 24 hours

Striking Distance's underrated horror saga The Callisto Protocol has seen its Steam player count spike by 220% in a day - with good reason.

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It’s the Friday morning of Gamescom 2022, and boy is it rough. I’d become well acquainted with the night-time bustle of Cologne during my whirlwind stay, and my flight was scheduled for Friday afternoon. So, what better time than to go and check out the new trailer for The Callisto Protocol – one that literally everyone had told me would leave me shaken.

And they weren’t wrong. The horror game‘s spider-like mutant humans certainly left a lasting impression (I hate spiders), but unfortunately post-release The Callisto Protocol didn’t generate much excitement at all. Marred by technical issues, it fell into relative obscurity, where it has remained despite a series of game-changing updates – until now.

At the time of writing, The Callisto Protocol has seen a huge influx of players, increasing by over 200% in the last 24 hours. As shown on Steam Charts, The Callisto Protocol has seen a player increase of 219.9% despite there being no new updates or in-game changes.

An image showing The Callisto Protocol's player uptick on Steam Charts

What there is, however, is a 70% off sale on Steam, which I think is probably the main contributor. As one of Steam’s midweek deals, you can now score the Dead Space-style sci-fi horror for just $17.00 / £14.70, with all of the added cosmetics also halved in price.

The deluxe edition also sits at 75% off, coming in at $19.99 / £17.49. Given our Callisto Protocol review gave it a 9/10, I’d say that’s a pretty damn good deal.

And, to be honest, while I joke about my Gamescom experience, The Callisto Protocol was actually my favorite part of the entire event. I spoke to chief technology officer Mark James about how Striking Distance crafted the game’s narrative, and how making horror relatable is the key to actually scaring people. I left that interview inspired, with a smile on my face and a special little trinket that remains pride of place in my ever-expanding collection of statues and gaming doodads.

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So I’d recommend diving into the heart of Black Iron and uncovering its secrets, you won’t regret it – or, well, maybe you will. Be aware that this is a midweek deal, though, and it’ll end on Monday February 5.

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