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How to kill the two-head brute in The Callisto Protocol

Killing the two-head brute in The Callisto Protocol during the platform ride to Arcas isn’t easy, especially after the onslaught of enemies that came before

The Callisto Protocol two-head boss: A close-up of the two-headed boss as it mounts the platform

The Callisto Protocol two-head brute is a bit of a tricky foe to deal with immediately after you turn the power back on and fight your way through a horde of enemies on the platform, even with copious amounts of ammo in crates around the place. This is the first time you’ll encounter ol’ two-head, and if you don’t know the best way to deal with him, we’re here to help.

There aren’t many proper boss fights in The Callisto Protocol, but this certainly feels like one, as the strong contender for one of the best horror games has you face off against a ginormous, two-headed brute. Taking him down will net you the ‘Two Heads Are Better Than One’ achievement/trophy, but even if you have all of the Callisto Protocol weapons, you’ll likely struggle to take him down straight away. Here are some tips for defeating the Callisto Protocol two-head boss.

The Callisto Protocol two-head boss fight: Aiming at the boss with the Riot Gun

Two-head boss fight guide

This boss fight has two stages, and the first is when the enemy has, well, two heads. Your goal is to kill one half of his body – the left-hand side has a sharp sword-like weapon, while the right has something resembling a hammer. We’d recommend focusing your attacks on that left side first, simply because when you reach the second stage, dodging the slightly slower hammer swing is a little easier. You need to use guns mind, as a single hit with your melee attack will do nothing but kill you.

You’ll know you’ve reached the second stage when two-head drops to his knees – at this point, you have time to fit in a quick reload if you need to before going up to him and whacking him with your melee attack to start the second phase. Don’t leave it too long, though, or he’ll stand back up again.

You can’t use your GRP against this big fella, so dodging is key. Make sure that no matter what, you’re alternating between dodging left and right every time he attacks. The Riot Gun is by far the best weapon for this fight because you’ll always be up close to him, and you should have enough ammo from the crates around the platform. Nabbing some of the Callisto Protocol best upgrades in time for this fight is definitely recommended.

You probably won’t have enough time to heal before he comes and whacks you again, though, nor will you have space to loot any more ammo, so make sure you’ve picked up everything before two-head shows up and all your weapons are fully reloaded – you can always use your Hand Cannon during two-head’s initial approach, before switching to the shotgun after your first dodge.

Now you’ve beaten the two-headed boss, it won’t be too long until you reach the Callisto Protocol ending, so check out the current status of the Callisto Protocol new game plus if you’re after a second helping of the biophage. Meanwhile, did you find the secret of The Callisto Protocol Kallipolis? If not, have we got some news for you.