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Is there a Callisto Protocol new game plus mode?

Find out if there is a Callisto Protocol new game plus mode that enables you to go back to the beginning with all of your unlocked weapons and upgrades

The Callisto Protocol new game plus: Jacob Lee, the unfortunate protagonist of The Callisto Protocol, strapped into a metal contraption, his face contorted in agony.

If you wonder if a Callisto Protocol new game plus mode exists, then wonder no more. We’ve waded through tons of ventilation shafts, slain many unspeakable horrors, and endured many untimely deaths to bring you the answer.

But what’s so attractive about a Callisto Protocol new game plus mode? Inside the monster-infested space prison, you can find several vital Callisto Protocol weapons, and you can buy the best Callisto Protocol upgrades to trivialise once-intimidating enemies, such as The Callisto Protocol two-head boss. So after enduring everything the horror game can throw at us, can we start again with all of our equipment still with us?

Callisto Protocol new game plus explained

The Callisto Protocol new game plus update released on January 19, 2023 as part of a free update for all players. As you might expect, your progression in your previous playthrough carries over into new game plus – just bear in mind you won’t be able to access those weapons, upgrades, and credits until you reach the Reforge.

According to Striking Distance’s road map, the future is looking bright for anyone who’s after a second or third helping of the horrors of Black Iron. Not only have we received confirmation of new game plus, we also have more details about The Callisto Protocol season pass, which is set to drip-feed skins, game modes, and story content alongside some of the best PC games over the next six months.

That’s everything we currently know concerning The Callisto Protocol new game plus. In the meantime, we’ve got tips on how to unlock The Callisto Protocol Kallipolis achievement which can give you a better understanding of the true story. If you haven’t started yet, you’re probably wondering: ‘how long is The Callisto Protocol?’ Well, we have a range of completion times, too. Finally, check out our Callisto Protocol review to find out how we fared during our extended prison break.