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Callisto Protocol gets jump on Dead Space Remake with surprise update

Callisto Protocol gets a surprise update adding new game plus to the horror game, with Dead Space Remake expected to ship with the feature by default.

Callisto Protocol gets jump on Dead Space Remake with surprise update. A woman in a spacesuit, Dani from horror game The Callisto Protocol

The first Callisto Protocol DLC was meant to roll out February 7, but a surprise update to the Striking Distance horror game brings new game plus mode more than two weeks early, as rival space spookfest Dead Space Remake is expected to launch with the feature by default.

The new Callisto Protocol update is pretty hefty, around 11GB on PC. But as well as adding new game plus – meaning you can take on Black Iron Prison a second time now, with all your upgraded weapons and gear – it also brings a small variety of bug fixes and optimisations.

‘The Protocol is About Life,’ an achievement awarded for beating Callisto on the hardest difficulty, has been fixed to make sure it is always correctly granted. An issue where players take damage when vaulting obstacles has also been resolved, and a few potential crashes, like during the Two-Head fight in the Tunnels level, have been fixed, too.

Callisto Protocol is still waiting to receive its more challenging ‘hardcore’ mode, with the game’s original DLC roadmap scheduling this for February 7. Players who purchased the season pass will get new content bundles in March and spring, with additional story material slated for the summer.

The Dead Space Remake release date is just around the corner, January 27. Developers at EA and Motive have confirmed already that Dead Space will launch with new game plus mode by default, with Callisto Protocol potentially aiming to get this feature to players ahead of its biggest rival.

Despite the various issues noted in our own Callisto Protocol review, personally, I think Dead Space Remake could learn from Callisto’s combat, and that Striking Distance’s game has one or two features that elevate it above a typical space horror.

The Callisto Protocol best upgrades should help you through your second term in Black Iron Prison. Alternatively, if you’re holding out until January 27, get prepared with all the Dead Space weapon upgrades instead. Or check out the Dead Space system requirements, to prevent your PC going all Ishimura.