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How to quit The Crew 2

The Crew 2

If you’ve been playing The Crew 2, you might have noticed that one feature in particular seems conspicuous by its absence – the ability to quit the game. It’s a bit of a glaring omission.

I first noticed the apparent absence of the option to quit The Crew 2 during the game’s closed beta earlier this year. The Esc and ‘P’ keys on my keyboard apparently offered nothing. Nor did the Start or Select buttons on my gamepad. Eventually, I simply tabbed out and closed the game using Task Manager, but that’s hardly an ideal solution. I put the missing pause button down to a glitch in the beta build, and thought little more of it.

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But now that the game is actually out, players are still finding it difficult to quit the game. It is, of course, possible to cut your road trip short without resorting to the means I attempted, but Ubisoft certainly haven’t made it easy to do so. If you opted to head to the pause menu, then you’ve been thoroughly rused – the option to quit the game is hidden behind the option to change profiles, nestled within one of the game’s secondary menus.

So, in order to actually quit The Crew 2, what you’ll need to do is press Y on an Xbox controller, triangle on a PS4 controller, or B on your keyboard. In the menu that brings up, scroll down to ‘Select Profile’ and then press A/Cross/Enter. That’ll take you back out to the ‘Change Profile’ menu, essentially taking you back to the title screen, from where you can actually exit the game. It’s quite the palaver.

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