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The Day Before dev seems to be deleting evidence it was ever an MMO

The Day Before was originally billed as an MMO, but post launch, developer Fntastic is seemingly removing tags from the game’s Steam page.

The Day Before developer Fntastic has seemingly removed tags from the game’s Steam page that describe it as a massively multiplayer game. Following the launch of The Day Before, which has been mired by technical problems, inaccessible servers, and a large amount of criticism from fans and players, the game’s Steam page is being gradually updated to remove mention of certain genres. It follows after many The Day Before players observed that the shooter was structured more like an extraction game, rather than the open-world MMO that Fntastic advertised.

The Day Before already carries a rating of ‘overwhelmingly negative’ on Steam, after the zombie game’s early access launch drew a large amount of criticism. Glitches, full or malfunctioning servers, and game worlds that are seemingly empty of enemies have pushed The Day Before into the bottom ten games of all time on Steam. One regular criticism is that The Day Before plays more like an extraction shooter than a true MMO. Now, Fntastic seems to be removing evidence that the game was ever billed as massively multiplayer.

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As of Friday, December 8, The Day Before’s Steam backend has seen a number of updates that include removing certain store tags, the metadata that is used to identify games in specific searches. The ‘open world survival craft’ tag has been removed, alongside tags for ‘realistic’ and ‘free to play.’ Most tellingly, however, the ‘massively multiplayer’ Steam tag has been deleted.

The Day Before Steam tags: A collection of updates to The Day Before Steam page

On a game’s actual store page, Steam tags can be edited and influenced by users – if enough players submit a tag, it will be added to the official metadata. This list may then be edited by developers.

On Wednesday, December 6, before launch, the list of tags for The Day Before on the Steam store page included massively multiplayer. As of this writing, on December 8, that tag is missing. You can see a comparison in the below image, with December 6 on the left, December 8 on the right.

The Day Before Steam tags: A comparison of The Day Before Steam page before and after launch


In the wake of The Day Before’s early access launch, Fntastic has removed a number of videos from the game’s official YouTube page. The Day Before Discord was also temporarily locked down.

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