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The Day Before deletes original trailers in wake of rocky launch

Developer Fntastic has apparently removed its original trailers for The Day Before following an influx of negative feedback at launch.

The Day Before trailers: A man in military gear with a helmet wields a large black rifle, his gaze focused on looking through the scope

The Day Before has finally arrived after years of fans speculating its existence, but the launch has been far from smooth. From a chaotic struggle to actually connect in-game with other players to a confusion over whether the game is an MMO or not, Fntastic’s shooter has left many of its excited fans with questions. The new game’s official YouTube channel now appears to be missing some old trailers and footage.

Why would The Day Before developer scrub the official channel though? If you’ve hopped in-game or have been following Fntastic’s lengthy quest to release the survival game, then you probably know that the delivered product differs slightly from what the dev initially marketed it as. Players claim it’s not actually an MMO, and allegedly plays as more of an extraction shooter.

The Day Before MMO drama further unfolds as eagle-eyed fans take note of the YouTube channel and its removal of old trailers. Allegedly, the freshly deleted videos advertised the game as an MMO and boast features that aren’t present in today’s release version. Players claim that could be an indicator of Fntastic’s knowledge of The Day Before’s launch differences to its marketed features.

Journalist Nick Calandra spotted the channel’s missing footage, taking to a social media post to share his thoughts on the matter. The now-removed trailers led to The Day Before becoming one of Steam’s most wanted games on the wishlist charts.

The Day Before deleted trailers post showing a before and after of the developer's YouTube channel

Other players are responding to Calandra’s post with videos of in-game issues, while some are alleging that the developer will inevitably “pull from early access” and leave an apology. As The Day Before server status continues to fluctuate, we’re expecting repeated updates from the team. Fntastic did just drop a quick hotfix patch addressing two bugs with finding servers and getting out of an early-game room, but comments indicate that fans believe the dev has a much longer way to go with updates.

The Day Before currently sits with an underwhelming 2/10 on Steam, following over 6,000 negative reviews. Many players report that for its triple-A-adjacent pricing, the zombie shooter simply doesn’t deliver. Other feedback cites a lack of fun gameplay and rampant connection or performance issues.

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