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The Day Before proclaims “no one likes journalists”

One of The Day Before's lootable armor items is a bulletproof press vest, but the attached description is arguably poor taste.

The Day Before proclaims "no-one likes journalists"L A woman with black hair in a ponytail wearing combat gear stands in a forest area in front of a cityscape

A key part of The Day Before is looting everything that you can – provided that button works for you, of course. While picking up lost armor, however, we discovered a bulletproof press vest whose in-game description is arguably ill-judged.

While exploring The Day Before, one of our very own staffers spotted a blue vest called ‘Press Armor.’ This presumably would have been used during the outbreak as the zombie game‘s hordes descended upon them.

However, when you hover over the item in your inventory, the description reads “sure, you can hope for some sympathy in it, but to be honest, no one likes journalists.”

An image of The Day Before's in-game inventory, showing a blue press vest

In real life, bulletproof press vests are used to protect journalists during real-time combat situations where there is the risk of potentially fatal injury. Therefore, the inclusion of “no one likes journalists” feels particularly perplexing.

Fntastic’s zombie MMORPG (which has proven to be more of an extraction shooter) has launched to abysmal Steam reviews, with players citing issues with The Day Before servers, concerns over potential AI voice acting and scriptwriting, and game-breaking bugs.

Fntastic has subsequently released a 50GB patch for the game and remains confident that it will improve as the team continues to work on updates. Moderators on the official Discord, however, have chosen to lock it down and have urged players to consider refunding the game.