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The Day Before has already lost around 75% of its peak Steam players

The Day Before Steam players have already taken a nosedive, and while Fntastic could redeem the launch, it's going to take a while.

The Day Before Steam players: a man in a green jumper with a beard and short hair

The Day Before has already seen an incredibly steep drop off in player numbers on Steam despite releasing earlier this week, as the Fntastic developed game is rife with bugs, a lack of things to do, and appears to be a very different game from the one advertised by the development team.

I tried getting into a game of The Day Before on launch night, and while the overcrowded servers were to be expected for a game this high on Steam wishlists, the quality of the zombie game left me gobsmacked. Not only is it laggy and unpolished, there’s also just next to nothing to do.

You run around a city, pick up scraps, fight off a handful of players and zombies, and rinse and repeat. I know it’s in early access, but compound this on to the very real problems the game has, as you’ll end up losing your faithful playerbase. It’s a laggy and poorly optimized mess.

It’s only been a couple of days, but the results speak for themselves. As of Thursday, December 7, the launch peak of The Day Before was 38,104 on Steam, but as soon as this number began to dip it very quickly dropped to concurrents of around 9-10,000 players, roughly a 75% decrease.

The Day Before Steam players

This was going to happen, it almost always does, but the negative reception and reality of what the game is have clearly changed people’s minds. Is this the end? Well, no. The first patch for The Day Before is out, and the team is clearly listening to feedback as it adds more zombies to the barren cityscapes. In fact, it looks like melee combat will be coming to The Day Before, even if many think it should have been there at launch.

After what was promised, it’s going to be a long road for Fntastic’s game. The numbers don’t lie, and it’s going to be a struggle to win people back after the broken promises and mess. The Day Before Steam rating likely isn’t helping with any of this either, with 15,000 reviews scoring the game at an average of 18%, or Overwhelmingly Negative, as of publication.

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